Digital Coach

Mick Say is the Digital Coach at the Online Marketing Academy.

The online world is very different today than it was five years ago and in five years time it will be very different again. A new breed of digital consultant is evolving to help organisations adapt to these changes.

The Digital Coach is armed with the know-how to help organisations navigate these uncertain online waters.

What remains constant is the organisations motives for being online: > Increased profitable revenue, staying one step ahead of their competition winning more new business and managing customer retention in an increasingly competitive online market place.

Organisations will have many online objectives such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Prospect Data Capture
  • Email and Contact Marketing
  • List Management
  • eCommerce

Most organisations will currently have an online architecture, you possibly have a number of resources on the internet. Questions the organisation needs to ask themselves are:

  • Are they still effective?
  • Were they ever effective?
  • Will they be effective in the future?

Developing a Digital Strategy

Unless members of your online marketing team are experts in current digital technology then the answers to the above questions is probably no. Or if you outsource your website and online marketing real-estate to an agency, how do you measure their effectiveness and, do you trust them with the future of your business?

For many organisations an online presence is possibly not their most pressing issue, their issues may be:

  • Reducing net profit,
  • Declining customer numbers,
  • Reducing sales volume, or
  • Managing the cost of sales.

If these are the issues your organisation is struggling with then the Online Digital Coach could be the catalyst needed to help you address the issues.

Static Corporate websites and disjointed online real-estate is passé and counterproductive. This is the decade of “connectedness” with all connections leading to a central hub. This hub is no longer the internal or field sales team and it’s not a flash or static website. It is a high-tech online marketing platform which acts like a customer magnet drawing visitors to the hub, creating the desire for the visitor to take action.

And when visitors land at the hub, the platform can deliver on their expectations. Your digital strategy could well be the most important aspect of your organisations marketing plan.

The Digital Coach – Helping to Harness Online Category Domination

The Digital Coach recognises that online world is very different today than it was five years ago, it has evolved. The Online Digital Coach has evolved to help organisations adapt to these changes.

Mick Say is an Online Digital Coach, he is a forensic online marketing strategist with experience in “relevant” online marketing and social media resources. Mick works with organisations to analyse their current online architecture and performance with a view to identify the most productive methods and strategies to amplify and project the business forward in the coming decade.

Regardless of your current online standing, category domination is possible, the Online Digital Coach can help you to identify how your organisation can achieve it.

The Digital Coach – A Forensic Online Marketing Strategist

Even if your organisation does not have a website it will still have an online footprint as people in or around your or company and your clients or prospects have discussed your brand in the positive or the negative somewhere online.

Conversely your organisation will have had a website for many years and will be involved in all kinds of online and social media activity. In order to dominate future online categories the engineer of the organisations forward Online Marketing Strategy must be fully conversant with past and present online real-estate, activity, noise and chatter surrounding your brand.

Therefore the larger the organisation and the longer the organisation has been online the more important a forensic examination and analysis becomes.

Online Digital Coach

Digital Coaches come in many different flavours, when you need to select your Digital Coach please ensure that he or she has the relevant online and business development experience.

Contact the Digital Coach at the Online Marketing Academy to organise an informal chat over skype, video conference or the old fashioned telephone.

Digital Coaching for the Board of Directors

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