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Digital Consulting with the Digital CoachCorporate Digital Coaching Service with the Online Marketing Academy
A personal message to CEO’s and Marketing Directors from Mick Say the UK’s Leading Digital Coach at the Online Marketing Academy.

Most organisations today are scrutinising the internet and wondering how they can leverage the huge potential it holds for them in terms of the number of web users and their surfing habits.

The internet (and how consumers use it) has evolved and it continues to evolve in a paradigm shift from an internet full of static website pages to a web of constantly moving streams of conversation, Information and data.

Knowing how to harness and tap into this flow of conversation will be key to the profitable growth of all leading companies in all industries. The question should no longer be when do we take social media seriously, the question should be how do we train our people to engage with, and profit from it.

Is Digital Coaching on your Strategic Marketing Agenda?

When it’s time to present to the shareholders at the AGM they will be interested in the value of today’s stock. Will they will be equally interested in your future marketing strategy?

The online world is going to play an increasingly important role in your marketing strategy form here on in. So much so that the traditional marketing mix has (or should be) been upgraded:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

Your Marketing Mix Place and Promotion sights should now be firmly fixed on online and social media marketing strategies. I am not suggesting that offline marketing is suspended or neglected but I am suggesting that Digital Coaching should be written into your company training and development plan with uppermost urgency.

The UK’s Leading Digital Coach on Your Team

Mick Say has over 30 years of Sales, Marketing and Business Development experience and he is the lead Digital Coach and founder of the Online Marketing Academy.

Having tinkered with technology since Bill Gates was a lad, Mick has evolved with digital technology, the internet and social media, step-by-step as it happened and his Digital Coaching service is an ideal first step on the road to Corporate understanding of the new and emerging digital landscape.

Digital Coaching for the Board of Directors

Digital Coaching will help senior executives to understand how the internet has evolved and why it is a critical component of future marketing strategies. Digital Coaching will help all involved to understand and personally engage in social media, even if only to monitor their brand and their subordinates.

Digital Coaching for the entire executive team is vitally important in this decade. Digital Coaching should be extended to all company staff but only after the executive team have been trained understand and have mastered digital technology and social media.

Digital Coaching for the Sales and Marketing Team

Websites, Social Media and Network Marketing – Because that’s where the consumers are, your staff are engaging in social media so it could be wise to teach them how to do it productively for your brand.

Formal Digital Coaching today is as important as formal sales training was yesterday. Those employees who are trained well will produce more.

If you would like to consider Digital Coaching for your Executive or company teams please contact us for an informal chat.