The CEO’s Digital Coach

Digital Consultant Coach for the CEOMick Say, the lead Digital Coach at the Online Marketing Academy is an online marketing and social network marketing consultant.

Mick can work with businesses to analyse current online architecture and interaction with a view to eliminating wasteful corporate online activities and improving productivity related to all things in the online and digital world.

The CEO’s Digital Coach could also improve the CEO’s future worth. A bold claim? Read on and see.

What is a Digital Coach and how could they assist the CEO?

The Digital Coach can help the CEO by helping him or her to become familiar, if not expert in the new digital, online and social media world where all things personal and corporate are laid bare.

The best example I can give for this claim is to remind you of the headlines in June 2010:

British oil giant BP’s chairman, Swedish businessman Carl-Henric Svanberg, has been heavily criticized for his hiding and low profile during the Deepwater leak in the Gulf of Mexico”

Now, I don’t know if Mr Svanberg deserved to be sacked or not, or whether you agree with the critics about his handling of the Gulf oil spill, but I can tell you this, if Mr Svanberg had a Digital Coach at the time of this disastrous affair not only could the Digital Coach have prevented him from losing his Job, but he the Digital Coach could have taught him how to raise BP shares by capturing the hearts and minds of the world instead of alienating them.

Digital Coach for the CEO?

Whatever the CEO’s business does in the future is going to be public knowledge in real time, as it happens.

The CEO no longer has time to call a board meeting next week to decide how to react to breaking news, he or she needs to act instantly no matter what the time of day or whereabouts in the world they may be.

Should the CEO wait until they have a disaster to manage before they engage a Digital Coach? Or should the CEO learn how to read, manage and engage with digital technology and social media now before (God forbid) they have a need for crisis management?

What About a Digital Coach for the Executive Team?

The CEO is supported by trusted Directors, VP’s and other senior staff all of whom have a responsibility to shareholders for the success of the business. In 2011 and beyond the organisations success will in large be determined by the popularity of the brand, and if the CEO has his or her finger on the pulse of modern society the CEO will know that modern society is “going social” and in this respect the CEO needs a Digital Coach to ensure that the entire executive team is expert in social media.

Do these phrases resonate with you?

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Referrals

Mick Say, the Digital Coach at the Online Marketing Academy could work with the CEO, the Executive Team and the entire organisation to develop Online and Social Media Strategies which will could help “connect” your brand to the increasing number of hearts and minds whom are populating the internet at every level.

Digital Strategy Developed in Association with a Digital Coach

Digital Strategy needs an experienced head. The digital world, the internet, the World Wide Web, whatever you want to call it has changed and it continues to evolve at a rapid rate. The CEO needs a Digital Coach whom can help make this picture clear and help your strategists to understand and then merge with the complexities of this new digital and increasingly social world. Mick Say is such Digital Coach

The CEO’s Role in Social Media

The CEO is responsible for the business, his or her leadership will determine the future success of the organisation and to this end the CEO owes it to him or herself to ensure that he or she is armed with enough information to make informed decisions on the viability of digital technology and social media for his or her organisation.

If this kind’a makes sense to you, and if you do not have your finger on the social pulse then as a minimum call a personal meeting with the Digital Coach.