EU Cookie Law Plug In

Purchase an EU Cookie Law Plug-in like the one used on this website.

Please read the description and terms & conditions below before purchasing this plug-in.
Download is instant following purchase. £75.00 +VAT. Download includes implementation instructions.

Single Website Use Liscence

This EU Cookie Law solution enables the website owner to be compliant with the new cookie law that becomes law on 26 May 2011. The idea is to have a unobtrusive method of gaining user consent BEFORE using any cookies.

The package allows the users to give (or not) consent for all of the cookies within your site, this does still require you to supply this list, and this is best done via a complete site wide cookie audit.

Penalty for non-compliance
New powers have been introduced so that a serious breach of the UK Regulations can result in an ICO fine of up to £500,000.00 Before this the fine was £5,000 and companies may have been willing to run the risk but with these increased powers the result of enforcement action is potentially more severe. Read a complete overview of the EU Cookie Law here:

EU Cookie Law PlugIn Requirements:

  • You or your developer need access to the root of your website to place files.
  • You or your developer need access to the head of your website pages to place short code
EU Cookie Law Plug-In Instructions for use

Following Payment simply download the .zip file and un-pack it. Copy the indicated files to your website directory. More detailed instructions are contained in the downloaded .zip file

If you loose your .zip file or “break” any of your files 🙁 simply contact us and we will email a fresh set of files to you. Support is included. Details are at the bottom of the instructions in your instructions.txt file.

EU Cookie Law PlugIn Terms and Conditions
  • You may remove the Online Marketing Academy Links and Logo’s and replace them with your own
  • You May not re-sell this plug-in. We will protect the Intellectual Property of this Plug-In
  • The plug in works exactly as you see it on this website and it works so there are no refunds
  • If you have already accepted our cookies and need to see a further demonstration please
    navigate to our sister website > Digital Business UK where you can observe the process again.
  • This plug in has been tested on html websites and WordPress Websites
  • We only guarantee its use on html and wordpress websites
  • No Credits or refunds can be given

This EU Cookies Law plug-in is intended for single website use.
If you need to use the plug-in on more than one website – please contact us.