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Now that the EU Cookie Law is in effect you may need to take a look at your Website Privacy Policy.

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Website Privacy Policy Overview

This Website Privacy Policy is designed to be applied to most categories of website. This website Privacy Policy is in compliance with the new EU cookie law which came into force on 26th May 2011.

The new law requires website owners operating websites within the EU to obtain consent from users prior to placing cookies on users’ computers or devices. Whereas before, users were required to opt-out if they did not want to receive cookies; now they must opt-in. A limited exception exists for cookies deemed to be strictly necessary.

It is important for any Web Site that takes data from users such as personal information or payment details to have a policy governing the owner’s use of user’s data. In addition to such a policy, web site providers should be aware of the Data Protection Act (or any other relevant data protection legislation) and their obligations under the law.

This Privacy Policy contains important provisions relating to use of data by third parties and change of business control or ownership which may not be relevant to smaller web sites. These clauses should be removed if they are not relevant. No specific information is provided in this policy in relation to payment and payment processing.

This Website Privacy Policy contains the following:
1. Definitions
2. Data Collected
3. Our Use of Data
4. Third Party Web Sites and Services
5. Changes of Business Ownership and Control
6. Controlling Access to your Data
7. Your Right to Withhold Information
8. Accessing your own Data
9. Security
10. Cookies
11. Changes to this Policy

and the following Schedules:
1. First-Party Cookies
1A. Strictly Necessary Cookies
2. Third-Party Cookies

This Website Privacy Policy is in the Microsoft Word format it can be edited by entering the requisite details in the highlighted fields.

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