Hello to everyone from Road Safety Support and delegates attending the course on either the 26th 27th or 28th of June.

This short video and the instructions below the video will help you to understand what we will cover on the course and importantly set out the pre-course preparation you will need to do before attending the course. Don’t worry there is not a lot of homework to do 🙂

IMPORTANTLY: Once you have watched the video and read the instructions etc below the video PLEASE forward any questions you have to to mick@micksay.com and also IMPORTANTLY if there is anything specific that you would like including in the course please email me with the relevant information.

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What you need to do before the course

  • Install the Google Chrome Browser on your computer or Laptop.
    Chrome is the best browser for productivity and the tools we use
    for social media
  • Open a work related FREE Google account:
    You’ll be asked to input your personal details
    Make the set up all work related.
    When you create your gmail address make the name workrelated
    EG: SaferRoads@gmail.com
  • Set up your Google Plus profile, again making it work related.
    SPeak to Michelle if you have any questions about this.
  • Set up your Twitter account..
    See a brilliant example here: @cutthecrashes
  • Set up a Facebook account if you don’t already have one.
    You’ll need to log in to Facebook during the course.

Why it’s important to open a free Google account with a Gmail email address.
When you start connecting to social networks and engaging with people, you are going to get increased email notifications and it is important for security and productivity reasons to keep these emails and notifications separate from your work email addresses.

Google offer the best combination of free email and social media tools with the best and most secure web browser so it makes perfect sense to load Google Chrome web browser to your computer. Also I’ll be teaching you many productivity methods most of which work best with Google.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the setting up of social media accounts as requested in the video please telephone Michelle Harris on 07961 441 846

If you have any strategic questions please telephone Mick Say on 07719 061 835

Please Don’t Forget!

Please don’t forget to email mick@micksay.com with:

  • Your Twitter Name
  • Organisational Website Addresses
  • Any Official Organisational blog addresses
  • Organisational Facebook page addresses
  • Any other relivant online resources

Thank you – see you on the course..