Online Marketing Strategy

Although the meaning of the word marketing has not changed, marketing vehicles and drivers have and they continue to evolve at a rapid rate. Does your organisation need a digital marketing audit?

Strategic Online Marketing Consultant

Whilst Digital Coaching is right for micro and small businesses it is not the best route for larger businesses, brands or corporations.

Large businesses are more complex and there will be several people and departments whom have a stake in the organisations marketing activities. In this instance it is best to call upon the services of an online marketing strategist to carry out a detailed analysis of the organisations online activity and then report back to the board of directors with the details of this analysis and a suggested future online marketing plan.

Strategic Online Marketing Analysis

External Online Marketing Strategy Consultants can work outside the scope of the organisation and will therefore not be bound by the constraints of internal or departmental politics. The external consultant can make an objective analysis of the organisations online marketing activity, reach and effectiveness working to a brief from the CEO or Head of Marketing.

The online marketing consultant will assess all aspects of an organisations online footprint, Websites Blogs, Social Medial activity on Twitter and FaceBook etc, and any other online resource/s.

Strategic Online Marketing Consultant

Mick Say has had over 30 years of sales and marketing and than online marketing experience. Mick works with organisations on projects as diverse as social media training, to Search Engine Optimisation and “Total Immersion Strategy”

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