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Business Development Strategy with Mick Say

Business Development Strategy

Business Development Strategies should not be concerned with how much success you are enjoying today, the Strategy should be focused on how profitable you can be tomorrow.

Today: Companies should be investing in online technologies and marketing methods to safeguard the future of their business and continuing profitability because increasingly professionals and consumers are massing in their billions in the ether. CEO’s who underestimate this and take no immediate action will be compromised in the very near future.

Business Development or Business Innovation?

Both of course, the point being that business needs to be innovative in the digital space and increasingly business development strategies will need to focus heavily on technology and the online world, if you need proof, just ask your kids!

Do you have a geek in the board room, No? Best get one quick!

Seth Godin Said: “The vast majority of users of digital technology are totally lame in getting the most out of the investment of their time and money”.

Dr. Herman Hauser said, in a report for Lord Mandelson; “Two factors dominate the chances of success: The quality of the team, and the readiness of the technology”

Mick Say Said: “if your business is not prominent online, then in the eyes of your customers your business will cease to exist”

I, and countless other business commentators believe that the timely leveraging of innovative technologies, strategies and marketing methods are key to future business growth. If you feel that your business is not as advanced as it should be, consider speaking to a Digital Coach.

Dr. Hauser’s reference to the quality of the team, I believe was a reference to their future training and knowledge development and their ability to integrate with, and keep pace with emerging technologies and marketing methods.

Mick Say on Business Development and the Marketing Mix

the New Marketing Mix

So What About the Future?

Did it sneak up on you? We are living in the future now and the pace of change is speeding up as each new development speeds up the next.

Old rules business and “closed” corporate entities need to open their doors to new thinking and embrace the digital world because the marketing mix which we have all worked by for the past 57 years is now “extinct” (kind-of).

Neil Borden’s (1957) “Marketing Mix”, Product, Price, Place and Promotion has been replaced with Who, What, Where and Google!

2010 Onwards Marketing Mix:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Where do you hang out?
  4. Can I Google it?

Learn how to say “hey dude” with conviction, there’s a new breed of consumer coming M8.
That’s not a typo!

Mick Say Online Business Development Consultant

Online Business Development

Change Forcing Change

Computers are cheap and getting cheaper, mobile technology is looming and every household in the country will have a broadband connection within five years. These facts alone should be reason enough to warrant a Social Media Marketing and Company-Wide digital review.

Commission the Online Marketing Academy to carry out a Social Media Marketing and Company-Wide digital review and we will Identify and analyse your web-presence and reach and your digital effectiveness and offer solutions and strategies leading sustainable growth.

The future is immersion in Social Media Marketing

It would be remiss of any CEO or small business owner to dismiss Social Media as a fad or a passing craze. Even if this was so, Social Media Marketing will evolve into something even more interesting, but you have to be an expert in this media before you can evolve with the next!