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Corporate Consultant

What does the world really think about your brand and what are you going to do about it?

The Online Marketing Academy will listen to the conversations taking place about your brand on the internet.

We collect the most relevant data about your competitors, customers, brands and products available on the Internet. The information collected from social media is integrated with other relevant data sources to give you a clear picture of what your target audience thinks of you and what you should do to leverage that knowledge.

With near-real time analysis this merging of data enables an in-depth analysis to measure reach, sentiment, and longevity of social media buzz in relation to your overall marketing campaign that spans TV, direct mail, email, websites, and any other channels.

This analysis can be leveraged to optimise your marketing and advertising strategy.

Customer Services Management driven by Social Media Monitoring

It’s all about the money at the end of the day, but it’s the customer who will determine how much wonga winds up in your coffers!

The tide is turning on companies who think that they can determine and control the value of their products or even the stock value of the business because the increasingly open and random nature of the social web, the space we used to know as the Internet is changing and a global wave of online savvy consumers are having their say which is challenging traditional marketing methods and forcing companies to re-evaluate their communications strategies.

Technology is enabling vast communities of consumers to gather together, connect, comment on and influence an entire population and when something annoys this crowd they can cause currencies to fluctuate.

The real time web has enabled the shifting of data and conversation at lightening fast speed, which means that companies can no longer afford to wait a few months or even a few weeks to launch an enquiry and then decide what to do. Businesses now need to take advantage of available information and react in near real time to seize upon fluid intelligence and take control of any given situation.

Proactive Customer Services Management driven by Social Media

If business waits until they have a reason to engage in social media marketing, in reaction to a negative situation such as your competitors winning market share or the spilling of oil into the Atlantic a group of unhappy consumers will create an angry crowd large enough to influence buying habits and shift future trends.

Better to be proactive and consult with Mick Say, Social Media Marketing Consultant at the Online Marketing Academy to initiate a social media monitoring strategy with a view to proactively communicating with consumers by getting and keeping them on-side before the inevitable bubble burst.

Currently, savvy 30 something’s are joining and participating in online communities such as Twitter and FaceBook and they are just learning how powerful their voice can be when they join with others, but right behind this generation is a population of teenagers who think email is passé because they communicate in real time with their friends in online communities.

When this online generation puts disposable income in their back pocket you had better be their friends, because the winners in this new game are going to be the businesses that are connected.