Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – Why ?
Because the world and we humans have evolved and you have to be in business for the long-haul because short-term-ism and complacency will kill your business stone dead! AlternativelySocial Media Marketing can help your business to evolve, grow and prosper as you accrue Social Currency.

Social Media Marketing Accruing Social Currency

Social Media Marketing Helping Small Business to Accrue Social Currency

How Can a Small Business – Accrue Social Currency ?
Importantly: In exactly the same way the global mega-brands do! The Internet levels the playing field for all players, its not the player with the biggest budget that wins, its the player with knowledge of how to leverage and integrate with our digital world.

How Can Business Evolve Cost-Efficiently into Social Media ?
Short Answer – Join the Online Marketing Academy. Academy membership will help SME’s to navigate around the online world and provide the tools, resources and training needed to become proficient online marketers and drive their business forward.

Communication is at the heart of Social Media Your Website is the voice and conscience of your business.

Begin to build your social currency fund

In marketing, social currency specifies the extent to which people share the brand or information about the brand as part of their everyday social lives at work or at home. By that it helps companies to create unique brand identities, and it develops permission to interact with consumers or customers.

Building social currency is probably the most important investment a company can make to create value for themselves. Consumers and customers will benefit as well as they increasingly participate in social platforms, and use social technologies.

Social currency can be divided into six dimensions

It is about creating a sense of community and by that a strong affiliation between customers, consumers and users of a brand. Having social currency increases a brand’s engagement with consumers and interaction with customers, and by that adding to the customer conversation around the brand, it grants access to information and knowledge, which is being shared within the customer base.

Belonging to a group also helps users of a brand to grow personally by accessing new utility and also developing their own identity in the respective peer group. A strong attachment to a brand will also be a core driver for an active advocacy recommending or even defending the brand.

Social Currency has to be earned, banked and nurtured

Engagement in Social Media Marketing to accrue Social Currency cannot be achieved without immersing your business into the Social Web. To achieve meaningful emersion which leads to business growth you will have to invest in online resources and technologies.

This should not be as expensive or as complicated as first you may think. For sure if you employ an agency or a dedicated employee it will cost 10’s of thousands – But the bottom line is this; if you want to stay in business and grow you have to have a strong online presence and for this you need an Online Marketing Platform.

Once you have acquired an Online Marketing Platform you and or your staff will need to be trained how to utilise it, and again this is not complicated or difficult.

We formed the Online Marketing Academy to help SME’s achieve their online business goals and to evolve with emerging technologies. You must be aware though – that a simple brochure website will not cut-the-mustard in our new digital economy. You need a Website Designed for the social web, you must have an Online Marketing Platform.