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Social Media Marketing Training

Most will agree that the Internet is a rich source of new business revenue. The key to funneling this new revenue in to your coffers lies in a your ability to tap in to the seam in a manner that will be welcomed and appreciated by the sea of potential new clients that exists on the social web.

Social media allows a business to merge and communicate with prospects in the places that they “hang out” instead of Sell to them. Rather than chase business the company merely invites it, and then it will come.

When a brand engages consumers in conversation without trying to sell, they win respect and “citizen advocates” a consequence of which is more new clients and increased sales, or increased awareness to your message.

Traditional Field Sales Team -vs- Social Media Sales Team

Social Media Marketing is still in its infancy and the businesses who choose to learn how to dominate their category online via integrity driven Social Media Marketing will benefit ahead of the competition.

Dependant on the business genre a tradition sales team can cost an overhead large enough to finance a small country. Conversely a single Social Media Sales person can touch thousands of people per day at a mere fraction of the cost.

EG: A traditional field sales person will cost his or her employer upwards of £48.00 per sales call, a well trained Social Media Marketer will cost his or her employer about £65.00 Per-Day!

The case for training key members of your team in Social Media Marketing techniques is as compelling as not engaging in Social Media Marketing is Scary.

Social Media Marketing Training Courses

Who do we tailor our Social Media training courses for?

  1. Small business owners or individuals who will carry out their own social media marketing.
  2. Corporate Teams A: Chairman, CEO and Senior executives
  3. Corporate Teams B: Corporate Marketing Department teams
  4. Marketing managers or senior staff who supervise staff involved in social media

Further to the above we provide a Social Media Marketing Management Service for organisations who would prefer to outsource their Social Media Marketing operations to a dedicated professional. This makes sense for large organisations who need pin-point accurate feedback and reporting with a view to honing medium and long-term marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing Course for Business

This full day course is an instructor led introduction to social media marketing and includes live, hands-on, Step-by-Step training using the tools, processes and software needed to successfully implement a social media marketing campaign.

Delegates will learn:

  • A brief history of the internet and how it works
  • What is Social Media and Why it’s Important
  • What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • How to link SEO – SEM and Social Media for business benefit
  • How to build a meaningful Social Media Architecture
  • How to amplify and project your brand, product or service
  • Social Media – Time Management and Productivity
  • How to build a meaningful network of followers and advocates
  • Which programmes and applications to use to optimise each aspect of their work
  • How and when to use specific social media tools and applications
  • How to monitor their social media marketing impact and performance
  • Which social media platforms to integrate with and why
  • How to automate aspects of their work with quality, precision and integrity
  • **Note we do NOT advocate or teach the use of Twitter following software
  • How to target and communicate with specific profession or consumer groups
  • How to market with integrity to a local geographic audience
  • How to engage in conversation with a wide and deep social network
  • How to stream the brand name without annoying your network
  • How to drive significant traffic to the organisations website or message
  • How to improve customer relations via social media channels

Building brand reputation and trust is essential in our new digital world, and by utilising available technology organisations can significantly increase awareness of their brands, products and services to a far wider audience than ever before possible.

The objective is not to sell, the objective is to integrate with your intended audience and create awareness which leads to connections which leads to increased interest and trust, which in-turn leads to more sales.

This course can be tailored and delivered in-house. Quotations by request. Please contact us for further details.