Website Management

Website management course for new website owners.
Every business needs a high quality “Online Marketing Platform” because in this web 2.0 era a simple website, is simply not enough!

This is the training course which puts you in control of your website and your business. We provide all of the logistics and training for you to build your own web 2.0 website on the day of training. We set up all of the logistics and install a premium web 2.0 website on your server before the course and then we teach you how to create and manage your website.

The course package includes:

  1. Your own Linux server and control panel
  2. Unique business domain name
  3. web 2.0 Website for you to build and manage
  4. Website and blog in one platform
  5. Your own bespoke email addresses
  6. Website SEO Training

We build websites around the WordPress content management system (CMS) because we believe it is the best and the easiest CMS to use. Under license we further develop the WordPress code to improve Search Engine Optimisation and the website visitor experience.

Why do website owners need training?

Old style static, brochure type websites are no viable in this web2.0 age, so businesses now need a web2.0 website or “online marketing platform” if they are to compete now and in the future, because:

  1. The internet and user technology has changed
  2. The way the search engines work has changed
  3. The way consumers use the internet has changed

The reason you own a website is to engage with clients and prospects with a view to winning more new business, to increase profitable revenue.

The internet and associated technology has changed dramatically in the last few years and now a new set of skills are needed if the website owner is to manage their website to perform well and do what they want it to do. Win more business, with more clients spending more money!

Also, small businesses do not need to pay webmaster fees every time they need a simple update or new content adding to their website because they can learn the skills needed to allow them to manage their own website.

What to we teach on the Website Management Course?

We teach website owners these skills:

  • Dashboard, admin control
  • Website content management
  • Website content copy writing
  • How search engines work
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEO Copy writing
  • Website performance KPI’s
  • Blogging for business
  • Content Aggregation and Syndication
  • Essential social media integration techniques
  • Plus more essential online know-how

Who will benefit from our website owner training

  1. Any small to medium sized business who wants to manage their own website
  2. Any large business or corporation who wants to bring online management in-house
  3. Any website owner who owns a CMS website will benefit exponentially from this course
How will delegates benefit from website owner training course?

Delegates will leave the course with the knowledge and ability to manage and optimise their websites en-route to a world class online marketing strategy.

How much does the website owner training course cost?

We have 2 plans including:

  1. Course with a new website included in the package £3,000.00 + VAT
  2. Bespoke In-House training by quotation following a detailed consultation

Delegates will need a good quality laptop computer. Although WiFi is provided delegates are advised to bring a WiFi dongle in-case the conference centre Wifi is interrupted.

Testimonial for the Website Owners Course

After a long search, I have found Mick Say who fitted my requirements. After the sprinkling of the “Say Magic Dust”, I am now seeing improvements in my web site.

I find Mick very knowledgeable on the business aspects on the web and passionate about achieving the best for his clients. He is credible and a man of integrity. Therefore, if you want a well performing business website, I would suggest speaking to Mick in the first instance.

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