WordPress Website Training For Beginners

WordPress Training for BeginnersWordPress Website Training for Beginners teaches WordPress Website Management from the Bottom UP.

This WordPress training course puts you in control of your WordPress website. We provide the training needed for you to build and SEO Optimise your own Self Hosted WordPress website live on the day of training. We do this in an easy to understand, non-technical, step-by-step, easy to follow manner.

Why do WordPress website owners need training?

Old static, brochure websites are not viable in the Social Media age, so businesses now need Interactive, SEO Optimised websites if they are to compete now and in the future, because:

  • The internet and user technology has changed
  • The way the search engines work has changed
  • The way consumers use the internet has changed

The reason you own a website is to engage with clients and prospects with a view to winning more new business and to increase profitable revenue. If you are to achieve this you first need to understand how the Internet works and then what tools you need to win in your category.

The WordPress Website Training for Beginners teaches this essential knowledge and related skills.

Also – If you can’t manage your own website you’ll need to pay a web developer and this can be very expensive! Many thousands of pounds over the lifetime of your website.

What you will learn on the WordPress Training for Beginners Course

This is a full day instructor led, live training course. You will learn all everything you need to know to manage and maintain your Self-Hosted WordPress website including but not limited to:

  1. The anatomy of the WordPress Dashboard/Admin panel
  2. Understand, optimise and configure every aspect of the admin panel
  3. Points 1 and 2 is a bigger job than you think!
  4. How to set up, structure and SEO Optimise the main and sub navigation
  5. How to set up, structure, manage and SEO optimise blog categories
  6. How to insert, edit and SEO optimise website pages
  7. How to insert, edit and SEO optimise blog posts
  8. How to insert, edit and SEO optimise images and other media
  9. How to create, manage and SEO optimise post tags
  10. How to Map and create an onsite SEO linking strategy
  11. How to install and Manage plug-ins
  12. How to upgrade and maintain your WordPress website
  13. Header, Footer and Side-Bar Management
  14. Premium or Bespoke WordPress theme management

The first session will include short but detailed presentation of the evolution of the internet and how search engines work. This is an essential first step to understanding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

In the second session you will learn the anatomy of a Search Engine Optimised Website, Website Page, Blog Post and Image Meta. During subsequent sessions you will learn how to SEO optimise your entire website and all of its content.

Minimum Requirement to attend the WordPress Website Training

  • You will need a Self-Hosted WordPress website installed and running on your server.
    (If you do not have one we can help with this at an agreed fee)
  • Administrator Access to your WordPress Website
  • A fully functioning, WiFi enabled Laptop or Macbook
  • 1 x 600 words of copy to create and SEO optimised website page
  • 1 x 150 x 150 pixels image for the above page
  • 1 x 300 words of copy to form a blog post
  • 1 x 150 x 150 pixels image for the above post

One week prior to the Course you will be invited to join a webinar designed to prepare delegates for the training day. By ensuring that you have the minimum site requirement in place (and a few more advanced) before the training takes place you will enjoy and benefit from the day more. Each delegate will also receive 1 hour telephone/skype support after the course.

WordPress Website Training For Beginners Course Pricing

We provide two WordPress Website Training For Beginners course solutions:

  1. 1-on-1 Private Training at the Online Marketing Academy £750.00 +VAT
  2. Instructor led classroom training course – £350.00 +VAT per delegate
WordPress Website Training For Beginners Course Dates

1-on-1 Private training courses by arrangement.

Classroom Training Course Dates:
Please contact Mick Say via the Contact Button above for further details or to request a call-back.