Support at the Online Marketing AcademyThe Online Marketing Academy supports organisations who need to engineer a meaningful online marketing strategy whilst avoiding the pitfalls and money traps. The Academy provides training or resources or preferably both.

If your business cannot be found online, then in the eyes of your prospects and customers your business will cease to exist“. Mick Say

Why Businesses Engage the Online Marketing Academy

The Online Marketing Academy works with businesses to help develop their Online Marketing Strategies with a view to introduce business to a wider, deeper audience. We can either manage your entire online marketing operations or (more meaningfully) provide you with an Online Marketing Platform and the training needed to use it to help grow the business profitably.

  • Be found by your target prospects and clients via organic search queries
  • Engage clients and prospects with a State-of-the-Art online marketing platform
  • Learn online marketing techniques and strategies in your own time in your own space
  • Improve online image and profile
  • Improve online and business reputation
  • Amplify and project your brand to a wider audience
  • Win more new clients
  • Drive down client defection
  • Improve client retention
  • Encourage clients to spend more, more often

Benefits following completion of training or delivery of new Online Marketing Resources:

  • Owner content management is easy – No need to pay a third party for updates
  • SEO Knowledge allows subscriber to keep the website fresh and ranking high
  • New skills will allow the subscriber to save huge sums on life-time developer fees
  • Online interaction will be better, faster, more fun and more profitable
  • Learn how to become the perceived expert in your field
  • Learn the best and fastest ways how to write and publish “expert” blogs
  • And Much, much, more

Who is the Online Marketing Academy for?

The Online Marketing Academy is for Micro, SME and Corporate Entities whom have become frustrated with lack-lustre performance from their websites and online resources and wish to learn new techniques or procure new resources to help project, amplify and develop the business online.


The Online Marketing Academy is for Start-Up businesses who would like to hit the ground running with the very best opportunity of getting it right first time and by avoiding all of the costly mistakes that are often made when purchasing websites and online marketing services. Our SME services website is the Web Business Builder and this website caters for new website development and small business online marketing services.