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Mick Say the Digital Coach

Mick Say the Digital Coach

What is a Digital Coach?
The Digital Coach will work with Corporates, Entrepreneurs, SME’s, Celebrities, Politicians and individuals who need to improve their online productivity and or their Social Media Profile using the latest technology.

For example, The Digital Coach might hook up your Mobile Phone to make it more useful, the Digital Coach may teach you how to connect to your target audience and make it appear like you are everywhere on the Internet by utilising tools and platforms such as Blogs, eCademy, FriendFeed, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, my6sense and FourSquare.

The Digital Coach will help clients be more Productive & better connected.

The Digital Coach has a very broad brief and will seldom work alone as the digital world is to broad for any individual to be expet in all fields. Building “Social Currency” via Social Media Marketing Strategies is my bag!

Is the Digital Coach more Essential than a Personal Trainer in 2010?

The smart-money Say’s that if entrepreneurs, businesses, executives and celebrities don’t get connected early in this decade, they won’t be able to afford a personal trainer in the next! Give Mick Say a bell, he’ll get you connected, more productive and will amplify and project your personal brand.

The Digital Coach Functions and Objectives

Mick Say the Digital Coach will Help Clients to Integrate with the New Digital World

Hire Mick Say the Digital Coach for 1-on-1 Consulting or Group Coaching

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Digital Coach, Your Guide through the Wild West of Digital Technology

Smart business owners recognise that you can reach your business goals faster by engaging the right kind of help to compensate for any knowledge or skill deficiencies.

When expertise is needed, smart business owners hire staff or outsource work to the right professionals. The decision to enlist help can be easy when the need seems essential, like hiring an accountant. Highly motivated individuals are savvy enough to recognise their weaknesses and turn to a life coach or a business coach to help them steam ahead of the competition.

In addition to a small network of these type of trusted associates, a large and dynamic network of business ‘friends’ can connect us with new leads, opportunities and suppliers.

All of this help and support from our ‘friends’ is great, but what help is available to make sense of the fast changing world of digital technology?

Digitally Dazed & Confused
How many times have you heard someone say they want to “throw their computer out the window”?

Without guidance, keeping up with Digital Technology can be frustrating. Should I buy an iphone, Blackberry or Android? How do I set up my new ipad, so I can access the internet when I’m in a meeting? I’ve bought a new phone, how can I sync my calendar and email accounts with my PC? I’ve set up a Twitter account, what now? How do I set up a Facebook business page? How can I share large documents with my business associates without using email?

What the Heck is Cloud Computing?

When you know how to use it, digital technology will save you time. Without support, you might feel that your day is like riding a bucking bronco. You’re hanging on for dear life as your schedule is being thrashed about, losing time on unexpected interruptions.

What does a Digital Coach do?
A Digital Coach will help you make sense of the ever-changing wild West of digital technology.
A Digital Coach will help break down vast amounts of information allowing you to harness digital power and gallop off into a more profitable sunset.

Digital Coach to the Rescue

Digital technology can be difficult to keep up with. Every time you start using a new Digital Technology, there is a learning curve. Cynicism toward Social Media and new technology is often born out of bad experiences and bitterness over ‘wasted time’ during this learning curve.

Digitally minded people, may be able to bootstrap and blag their way through the digital universe. However, most people will save time and resources working with a Digital Coach.

What will you gain from working with a Digital Coach?
Time – Your Digital Coach will get to know your business and recommend the right digital tools to help save you time and improve efficiency. You’ll learn digital tricks and tips that you won’t be able to live without.

Connections – Your Digital Coach will teach you how to make new and meaningful connections using Social Media. Let’s face it, it’s easy to get sidetracked and distracted when using Social Media and surfing the web. Your Digital oach knows the cutting edge platforms like Hootsuite and Posterous that allow you to post and schedule content to all your Social Media networks like your Blogs, eCademy, FriendFeed, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, my6sense and FourSquare.

Coordination – Your Digital Coach can either help you with a specific digital learning need or help you review your current method of working and use of technology. You don’t know what you don’t know. Your Digital Coach will aim to recommend a digital solution that will improve productivity.

Profitability – Your Digital Coach can increase profits by:

  1. Saving you time that can be put toward growing your business
  2. Connecting you with more new customers
  3. Connecting you with better suppliers

Digital Hero wearing the White Hat
You don’t have time to keep up with all the new digital apps, gadgets and gizmos coming out of Silicon Valley, the Wild West of the digital era. Your Digital Coach gets help from their posse of geeks and dweebs. Digital Coaches keep their digits on the pulse of digital technology, so you don’t have to.

Would you rather a Digital Coach lift you to cloud computing, or let your business get left behind in a cloud of dust?
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