SEO Audit

If you are reading about SEO audit’s – chances are you’re not pleased with the performance of your website and you are researching possible vendors to help you understand where improvements can be made in order to gain more search engine visibility.

SEO Audit

  • An SEO Audit is a complicated task including analysis of internal and external elements.
  • An SEO Audit must be carried out by an experienced SEO practitioner.
  • An SEO audit is carried out for an existing website, blog or eCommerce platform.
  • If you are planning, but have not yet launched your website, blog or eCommerce platform please read about our SEO Consulting Services.

The Online Marketing Academy Website SEO Audit is carried out with a view to improving the visibility of the clients website, blog or eCommerce platform to the search engines using only best practice algorithmic SEO techniques; the end result is intended to be higher organic search returns page rankings.

What Does an SEO Audit Include?

SEO Audit Includes Analysis and Reporting of the Following:

  • Current page rank and performance indicators
  • Website Meta-Data
  • Page and post content structure
  • Image and media SEO congruence
  • Keyword density and congruence
  • Website navigational structure
  • Site-wide (cross-page) link congruence
  • Inbound link proliferation
  • Social media impact
  • Top 10 competitor intelligence

SEO Audit Report

The SEO Audit report will be a complete and detailed analysis of the above points, it will provide the client with a step-by-step action plan detailing the required remedial work for each point. The SEO Audit report will also include instructions for evaluating the success of the implemented SEO remedial work.

SEO Audit Pricing

SEO Audit pricing is dependent on the size of the website or project and therefore there is no standard price. As a guide our SEO Audit’s begin at £850.00 +VAT for a standard small business website.

Large organisations should expect to invest upwards of £8,000.00 for an SEO Audit if they are struggling to compete for rankings in highly competitive categories. Quotations can be arranged by request.

An SEO Audit will take an experienced SEO practitioner a minimum of 12 working hours to complete and sophisticated methods requiring skill, knowledge and experience will be used to during the project.

More often than not the reason a clients website is not performing well in the search engines is that the website was originally made by a developer with little or no knowledge of SEO or, the website owner elected to buy a “cheap” website or even make the website themselves. As with website development there is “cheap” and there is “valuable” so please be wary of trusting your budget to cheap or free SEO Audit practitioners, else you may well end up in the same position.

Online Marketing Academy SEO Audits are carried out in-house by Mick Say and experienced SEO staff, we do not contract this work out.

Post SEO Audit Remedial Work

Once an SEO Audit is complete – someone has to carry out the SEO Remedial Work to the website and or other resources. We will be happy to quote for the SEO Remedial Work.