SEO Competitor Analysis

SEO Competitor Analysis is important to determine which of your competitors are performing well in the Search Engine Returns Pages (SERPs) and why they are performing well.

SEO Competitor Analysis

if your website cannot be found online, then increasingly in the eyes of your customers your business may cease to exist

The #No.1 organic ranked website on Google gets 40% of clicks from web searches by “willing buyers”. It’s quite rare that people who want to buy stray further than the first page, so it is our mission and yours to get your website to the first page of the search results and eventually to the No.1 position.

As Google returns about 10 organic rankings to the first search page we should limit or SEO Competitor research to the top 10 competitors for our target key words and search phrases.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Competitor Analysis

Using sophisticated SEO research tools and a lot of hard work, the Online Marketing Academy SEO Practitioners will determine who your top 10 competitors are for each of your major keywords and search phrases. Once identified we will work out what they are doing well and if there are any gaps we can exploit.

Once we have built a map of competitors and winning keywords we can list what we need to do to compete and eventually beat them to the first page and the coveted No.1 position in the search results.

It must be understood that that your competitors have likely earned their high-ranking positions and stealing them away from them will be no easy task. But it is possible with a knowledge driven SEO strategy.

SEO Competitor Analysis Service

Following a client briefing we will identify main category keywords and search phrases and compile a report detailing the top 10 competitor websites for each main category. (multiples of 10 categories).

For each category the report will detail how the competing website has attained the high-ranking position.

    The SEO Competitor report will include But not be limited to:

  • Competitor website domain age
  • Competitor website PageRank
  • Number of Pages indexed with Google and Bing
  • Total number of unique domains with backlinks pointing to the home page
  • Total number of unique domains with backlinks pointing to internal pages
  • Total number of links pointing to a spacific URL
  • Total number of links from a .gov .edu website
  • Whether the site is listed in the Dmoz and Yahoo directories
  • Whether critical meta-data is used correctly

The SEO Competitor Analysis reports will be used in forward SEO Strategy planning, and SEO Content creation plans.

SEO Competitor Analysis Service Pricing

Stand-Alone SEO Competitor Analysis reports are charged at £250.00 per project + £50.00 per keyword.
EG: To Analyse 15 category keywords the investment would be
Project charge £250.00 + 15 keywords @ £50.00 per keyword = Total investment £1,000.00 +VAT

If you would like to find out more about our SEO Competitor Analysis services please contact Mick Say via the contact tab above.