SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting the is the art of writing unique, original, content which distinguishes the website from similar websites competing for ranking in the search results. As well as being a creative writer, the SEO copywriter is expert in researching and identifying relevant keywords based upon popular search phrases.

SEO Copywriting

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Copywriting

Search Engine Crawlers rely upon keyword placement within the text of website pages appearing in key locations of the text and UN-seen meta-data such as <title> and <description> tags in the website’s html code. Meta data receives special attention from the search engines because they compare information found there to determine website page and overall website relevance.

Other factors that determine page relevance is A:“keyword density” and B: the number of and relevance of links in and out of pages and external resources.

SEO Copywriting Services

The Online Marketing Academy can provide expertly crafted website content from a single SEO copy-written page to a complete website content plan including SEO Research, navigation and internal page link planning, as well as copy placement on your website including SEO meta-data inclusion or correction.

In order for a website to rank well in the search results all content and meta-data must be congruent with the theme of individual pages and the overall website.

SEO Copywriting plan

An SEO Copywriting plan is generally made in conjunction with a complete SEO Strategy. Or an SEO Copywriting plan could be produced to prepare a series of blog posts for a websites editorial calendar, or external resources such as high-quality article sites or guest blogging to create high value back-links.

UK English Language SEO Copywriters

Our SEO Copywriters are UK born, English (British) Language, degree educated, experienced SEO practitioners. We follow best practice SEO guidelines and employ advanced SEO research and copywriting techniques. We guarantee our work to be written in-house, we do not use agency or “off-shore” writers.

SEO Copywriting Pricing

Our SEO Copywriting prices reflect the level of expertise and experience of our SEO Copywriting team.

Our SEO Copywrting services are determined by the complexity of projects: Therefore We do not have standard prices however we have prepared two project cost examples below to give visitors a general idea of the level of our pricing.

  • SEO Copywriting Research £350.00 +VAT – on projects of 10 pages or articles or less.
    Up to 10 x SEO Copywritten pages £210.00 +VAT per page maximum 600 words.
    Total Example Project Investment £2,450.00 + VAT
  • SEO Copywriting Research £250.00 +VAT – on projects of 10 to 20 pages or articles.
    Up to 20 x SEO Copywritten pages £190.00 +VAT per page maximum 600 words.
    Total Example Project Investment £4,050.00 + VAT

Quotations for complete website SEO Copywriting Projects or article writing projects of more than 20 pages or articles are available upon request.

If you would like to find out more about our SEO Copywriting services please contact Mick Say via the contact tab above.