SEO Research

How do search engines decide which websites are returned to the first page of search results?
We answer this question with our SEO Research service. How to get your content to the front page.

SEO Research - Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Research

People search for everything on the internet. Everyone understands the term “Google it” and the majority of connected people in the world use Google to search for their stuff. SEO Research will determine why certain websites rise to the top and what you will need to do to compete with, or beat them to the top.

If your business is in a competitive category and your website or store is not on the front page of the search results, your return on internet marketing investment may be minimal – but it can be improved if you research how and why your competitors are ahead of you and then you implement a remedial SEO plan.

Did you know that the #No.1 organic position on Google gets 40% of all clicks through to a website?
Imagine what this increase in traffic could do for your business.

SEO Research Method

Firstly we identify your online goals and determine the market you wish to reach. We’ll have a conversation about your products or services and we’ll build an understanding of your business.

Next we’ll identify who you think your main competitors are and we’ll back this up with a scientific survey of who your top 10 online competitors are.

Once we have established your market and your position in relation to your top 10 competitors we’ll analyse why they are achieving their high-ranking positions and what you’ll need to do to compete and eventually beat those competitors to the top of the category.

SEO Research – Distinction of the term.

SEO Research means different things to different people. Lets be clear about what SEO Research is.
During our SEO Research we are contemplating an entire market or category in relation to your business and your standing in the internet rankings.

The report we produce for you following our SEO Research will detail how the top 10 players in that market or category are achieving their high-ranking status and it will explain how to build a strategic online/digital marketing plan to beat the competition. Included – We will determine the most common search phrases people use when searching for products or services you could provide and using this information we will propose a content creation plan.

You may wish to commission the Online Marketing Academy to tailor any kind of SEO Research to meet your needs outside for the above distinction.

You may also benefit by commissioning us to carry out and SEO Audit on your website and or other online resources such as your Social Media Strategy.

If you would like to find out more about our SEO Research services please contact Mick Say via the contact tab above.