SEO Strategy

Meaningful SEO Strategy creation requires detailed market and competitor insight and an in depth knowledge of SEO components across all aspects of website development and internet architecture.

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Strategy

It’s important to remember that the search engines are constantly tweaking their algorithms to improve their service to their “customers” and their goal is presentation of the best content to match search quires entered in their web browser. So with this in mind the SEO engineering, congruence, presentation and flow of your content is of paramount importance.

10+ Point Plan for Building an SEO Strategy

The internet has evolved in a paradigm shift for the better with the major search engines engineering their algorithms to make the internet a fair(er) place for organisations to conduct “organic” business.

    10 Point SEO Strategy Plan

  1. Define target audience interests and or needs
  2. Define competitors in the category or niche
  3. Analyse and learn from category competitors
  4. Keyword research separated into categories
  5. Find gaps and opportunities in highly competitive areas
  6. Decide what kind of online resource(s) is/are needed
  7. Build a wire-frame/s detailing site architecture and navigation path
  8. Category/Page/Post content creation plan – (to include meta-data)
  9. Image and other media creation/sourcing plan (to include meta-data)
  10. Determine and plot internal link-flow (Karma)

Eexternal considerations to include in SEO Strategy for organic/algorithmic ranking performance

  • Map and prepare to implement a Social Media distribution plan
  • White-hat best practice – BackLink campaigns
  • Paid for traffic services EG: Google PPC and FaceBook advertising.

When to Implement SEO Strategy

SEO strategy is most useful before any work starts on website development or internet marketing projects. A meaningful SEO Strategy engineered by experienced website development and SEO practitioners will most certainly net a far greater return on internet marketing investment.

If you have an aging html brochure website you may consider employing our SEO Strategy services to help determine the best course of action to higher rankings by replacement or upgrading of your old website.

SEO Strategy Pricing

SEO Strategy quotations available by request. Pricing will be determined by project complexity. If you would like to find out more about our SEO Strategy services please contact Mick Say via the contact tab above.