Social Media and Network Marketing mean different things to different people and organisations.

We each have our own agenda but for the majority of internet users the ultimate Social Media and Network Marketing mission is increased PROFIT via social interaction.

What is Social Media?

Social Media and Network Marketing allows each individual or organisation to have a voice on the internet via a plethora of social media platforms and resources and if used with knowledge even the smallest micro business can be heard almost as loudly and the corporate giant.

Social Media is a phrase of two parts, “Social” and “Media”

Social: Needs little explanation, the social bit is about meeting people and then engaging them in conversation usually about the things that interest you both. Importantly, initially it is not about selling your products or services. Sales happen as a consequence of your social interaction.

Media: “Mass-Media” a phrase coined in the 1920’s when radio gave organisations the opportunity to reach large audiences.

Later, Mass-Media included “Internet Media” such as blogs, message boards, podcasts, and video sharing. These tools and technology were initially expensive and cumbersome so were only utilised by organisations who could afford to employ specialist marketing agencies.

Then came the web 1.0 era as Static Websites became affordable for most organisations, but the development work was still carried out by web developers and coders with specialist knowledge and skills.

Although we still need website developers with specialist skills, individuals now have the means to get online exposure that is comparable in scale to that previously restricted to organisations with large marketing budgets.

Social Media platforms such as Twitter, FaceBook, Linkedin, Ecademy etc, along with an organisations own web 2.0 website or Online Marketing Platform have begun to form a “mass society” into which any individual with a web connection can enter, connect, participate and market their goods and services.

What is Network Marketing?

Traditionally “Network Marketing” is carried out at physical networking meetings such as BNI Business Breakfasts and other face-to-face networking events.

Social Media allows individuals and organisations to build large networks of friends, contacts and followers whom are connected via the World Wide Web. Experienced “Network Marketers” will have a “Network Marketing Strategy” which includes online and offline marketing activities.

Today the line between marketing to people physically and virtually is becoming blurred. Many marketers including myself now attend even more offline networking meetings as a result of building wider and deeper networks of contacts in the virtual world.

The Benefits of Social Media and Network Marketing

The benefit of Social Media and Network Marketing happens when an increasingly large network of people come to know, like and follow you and your business.

Providing that the individual or organisation “networks” with integrity and respect for their contacts they will begin to build advocates for themselves across that extended network.

Importantly Social Media is about people and not brands so to be successful brands must empower their people to become “social” and engage in network marketing on the World Wide Web.

The Online Marketing Academy holds Social Media and Network Marketing courses to introduce people and organisations to Social Media. Read more about our Social Media Intermediate course for businesses here.