Twitter Automation ?

Love Twitter and Twitter will Love-you-Back !
Unfortunately, spammers have taken advantage of Twitter automation, to the frustration of genuine Twitter users, which means Twitter have to take stringent action to protect the Twitter community.

Twitter are actively seeking out users of automated “fast follow” software and are suspending and terminating offending accounts.

In order to protect and support genuine Twitter users who would like to use Twitter to Market their brand or products I have written a document which spells out what you can and what you can’t automate in the Twitter environment.

The document contains official information on what Twitter automation’s are allowed and which ones could get your account filtered from search or suspended or terminated.

If you decide to automate any Twitter account actions, you will need to manage your automation’s carefully to avoid violating the Twitter Rules.

Why have I created this document?
I have spent almost two years researching Twitter and Twitter user actions & habits with a view to providing a Twitter marketing service for my clients to leverage the awesome opportunity for conversation based sales and marketing built on integrity, trust and respect.

We call this service “Integrity Marketing” which means we use sophisticated techniques which abide by Twitters guidelines to identify prospects and then communicate with those prospects with integrity, with a view to bringing our clients products and services to their attention in a way that they will appreciate and respect. We never spam and we never pester and we always treat others with respect.

Recommended Twitter Related Software, Tools and Applications.
At the end of the document we have provided a list of the applications which we use for all of our Personal Computer and mobile based Twitter activity etc, that we know is safe to use and will not get you suspended or terminated.

We hope you benefit from this document and enjoy your Twitter experience, if you communicate with integrity your Twitter following will grow.

Please enter your email address below, following confirmation of your email address you can download our Twitter Automation Rules and Best Practice Guidelines and a Spreadsheet which will allow you to calculate how many people you can safely follow per day without using any automated software, and without getting on the wrong side of Twitter. The nice bird turns into a Hawk if you step-out-of-line. Love Twitter and Twitter will love-you-back!

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