Twitter Follow FAQ’s

Twitter Following Frequently asked Questions and Advanced Twitter Marketing Course

Twitter Frequently Asked Questions

Twitter Frequently Asked Questions

Twitter is one of the best, and if used correctly a fascinating and very engaging Social Media Marketing Platform. If Twitter has a down-side it is that it can soak-up a great deal of your time.

I have compiled a list of the questions I am most frequently asked about Twitter and following rates by business who want to market their brand on Twitter.

Is Twitter good for Marketing? Yes. Twitter is a fantastic platform to promote your company or brand, charity or Idea, but there are rules!

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This is not a Twitter follow application it is a spreadsheet which will allow you to calculate and use a safe auto-follow regime with integrity. See bottom of page.

Are there any limits on how many Twitter followers can I have?
Twitter does not limit the number of followers you can have. Twitter wants you to have lots or followers and they want you to communicate, but they do NOT want you to spam and annoy other Twitter users and they will monitor your account to ensure you do not do this.

What Does Twitter Monitor?
How aggressively you follow others *
How aggressively you UN-Follow Others *
How aggressively others UN-Follow you *
How many tweets you make which include links*

As you can imagine the Twitter development dudes have an algorithm that can monitor individual account activity so watch out because your Twitter big-brother is watching you – but they watch you with integrity for the safety and benefit of all Twitter users.

Are there any limits on how many people I can follow on Twitter ?
Twitter imposes limits on how many people you can follow but the rules are open to interpretation and can be confusing and, Twitter change the rules every now and then based upon their research on network safety AND individual user activity.

You can follow up to 2000 people without much restriction, however if you use a Twitter follow application to follow too many people too fast then you are likely to have your Twitter account suspended or deleted. So follow slowly. *

How can I build my Twitter Following numbers, without falling foul of Twitter?
Ok so this is a grey area but this is my personal interpretation of how this works.
Once you reach 2000 users you should apply a 10% follow limit on your following activity schedule.

Example 1:
You are following 2000 people but only 600 are following you back.
At this stage you cannot follow any more people until you have 1,900 followers at which time you will be able to follow a further 100 people. The follow ratio (my personal view) is +9% of your followers:

“You will be capped in following people once you hit 2000 followings. You must retain 2000 followers until twitter will allow you to follow more than 2000 people. After this cap you are limited to 1.09 following to 1 follower by twitter.”

Example 2:
You have 2000 followers. You may now follow a further 180 people before you reach your follow limit again.

  • Once you have 2,180 followers you may now follow a further 196 people (= +9%)
  • Once you have 2,376 followers you may now follow a further 213 people (= +9%)
  • Once you have 2,589 followers you may now follow a further 233 people (= +9%)
  • You get the picture, you can safely follow +9% of the number of people following you *

WARNING: Regardless of how many followers you have, you need to be really mindful of how fast you follow the next 9% of people if you follow too fast you will get suspended. *

Should I always follow back those people who follow me?
Twitter is a communication platform, a really great place to connect with like-minded people either socially or with business in mind. It is good practice to follow those who follow you, this is polite in the first instance. *

Is it good practice to UN Follow people?
If your followers are politely Tweeting messages and interesting stuff even if it is not your cup of tea you should not UN-follow them, this would be rude.

However if a follower is constantly bombarding you with direct messages or advertising then you should UN-follow them. If the advertising or DM’s are really persistent you should report them to Twitter as spammers.

What does “organic” Twitter following mean ?
An organic Twitter following simply means that you follow people by finding them naturally or by searching for them in Twitter and they follow you by seeing your Tweets and by clicking follow in twitter, You do this personally as opposed to using software to automate this process. *

Can I use automated Twitter management software?
This really is a minefield of a question, Twitter do not mind you using software to automatically follow people back, because following back is considered polite.

Twitter do not approve of auto-follow/unfollow applications because they are, unfortunately used by spammers, and inexperienced affiliate marketers to follow thousands of people and then bombard them with unwanted annoying spam.

Be warned that Twitter are activley seeking out accounts that use this kind of software and are shutting them down, so if you value your Twitter account my advice is DO NOT USE IT. The only Automated application that we use and recommend is (Sorry the remainder of this paragraph has been removed because it contained outdated information).

If you want to aquire large numbers of followers on Twitter you have to use Twitter strategically. And if you do this with respect and integrity for other Twitter users and if you write frequent meaningful content your followers list will grow. For more information on this please see our Advanced Twitter Marketing Course.

Advanced Twitter Marketing Course
Twitter offers businesses the opportunity to promote their products, services and brands but you need a strategy for this, and the employees or individuals whom are running your Twitter Marketing campaign need to have a good general knowledge of Social Media Marketing and they need to be experts in Twitter Marketing, because in the wrong hands Twitter Marketing can do more harm than good.

The Online Marketing Academy run a 1 day Advanced Twitter Marketing Course < see details.

* We discuss these bits in great detail during our advanced Twitter Marketing Course

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