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Social Media touches all our lives, if we are connected to the internet we will be unable to avoid it unless we purposely filter it out. Business has no choice other than to embrace and attempt to leverage Social Media. The Online Marketing Academy is here to help UK businesses to do just that.

Social Media5 most frequently asked questions about Social Media in Business
What is Social Media? What can we do with it? Why should we bother?
1 > What is Social Media?
2 > How to Social Media
3 > Social Media for Business
4 > Why Social Media Marketing?
5 > Social Media Strategy

Whilst following links 1 to 5 above and reading the content on the pages will help you to understand social media, my hope is that you will be inspired to contact us at the Online Marketing Academy to discuss your future Social Media or general online business development needs, should you decide that you need support this complicated journey.

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8 > What is Social Influencer Marketing?