How to Social Media

How to Social MediaIf we were to go to a book store and pick up “How to cook”, I’d soon be whipping up dishes to share with friends and family. Mix flour and water to make bread, fry anchovies in oil, etc. These are timeless truths that remain, a recipe will never become out of date.

If we were to write a book and title it “How to Social Media” that would be a bit trickier as we would have to be updating constantly, because the digital marketing world is so fast paced.

But this is what we do here at the Online Marketing Academy. For instance, this article is about digital and social media topics. It’s a form of ‘how to’ guide we write to shine a light on the ever changing social media landscape.

Here, we all learn by doing. We’re seasoned in social media. But, if someone asks how to do social media, the question we always ask back is; What do you want to get from social media?

For the purpose of illustration, lets suppose Interaction on social media can be segmented three ways:

  1. For personal sharing with friends and family
  2. To reach wider a wider audience of like minded folk
  3. Strictly business, there to make contacts and to work the web for commercial purposes.

It’s likely that if you’ve been into social media for a while, there will be overlap, and this is where the management of your online identity can be a tough and confusing task that can lead to social-media opt out.

The fact is, that however you want to use social media, there are options for you to chose. The challenge is trying to find the best fit, quickly, and without too many false starts.

    How to Social Media” would have chapters including:

  1. Take social media seriously! (it bites)
  2. How to be creative and engage
  3. Your day-to-day social media activity
  4. How to find people to get to know, like and follow
  5. How to manage your time and avoid over kill
  6. Don’t forget the real world

The how to social media book would have to updated weekly or even daily because that is the demand of the social world.

The one paradox here is that building yourself a network through social media takes time. Especially for small business who don’t enjoy the marketing budget of the Coca’ Cola’s of this world.

So the concluding line in the ‘How to Social Media,’ paperback edition, would be this:
Don’t do Social Media for business if you don’t know how – get some training!!

Enjoy social media, be authentic and stay alert!

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