Social Media for Business

Social Media for BusinessIs social media for business?
Well, lets say you could cut costs, increase customer communication and increase customer satisfaction using social media, would you agree that it could be?

These are three key commercial objectives that could be affected by successfully adding a social dimension to your business activities.

Social Media is not a magic bullet for business. It is part of a new marketing mix that puts people at it’s heart.

Be warned: Most businesses do social media badly and therefore waste time and money.

Business needs people to interact with their social media engagement activities and people need to be happy to engage. Spam leaves an unpleasant taste, businesses who don’t understand the new tone of social media marketing communication risk failure.

A quick look online shows that the major players in the industry all court business. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and now Twitter offer “Company” or “brand” pages.

Their purpose is clear – to provide business with the opportunity to reach anyone with Internet access. But with so much choice, how do you choose which platforms best suit your business needs.

Here are six Great reasons for business to use social media

1. Social media is a vital element of SEO
Links from authoritative websites are still an important signal to search engines, but social media links now play an increasing and essential role in these calculations as well – especially for business.

With more than 80% of consumer purchases and 90% of b2b buying cycles now starting with search, this may be reason enough to embrace social media.

2. Your customers use social media and they expect you to be there as well
It’s important for business to recognise how important social media is to consumers.
A quarter of all online time is spent with social media – allow your customers to find you by building a social presence in all of the networks where your customers hang out. It’s not easy to do but a little guidance goes a long way, call us for support.

3. Social media produces high-quality leads
Engage with your community and generate high-quality leads, the kind of leads that convert and buy at a higher rate. Those who follow your brand using social media are much more likely to buy from you company when you present a solution to them.

4. Social media is a cost-effective tool for gathering market and competitive intelligence
Gone are the days if conducting expensive surveys and focus groups to find out what your prospects are thinking. The buyers in your market are telling you all of this now, through social media.They are talking about their challenges and looking for answers on LinkedIn, in blog posts and comments, on Twitter, Facebook, and dozens of industry-specific social media forums.

5. Social media an excellent way to find business partners.
Increasingly, business gets done on social networks. Think about social media in terms of relationship building, as opposed to an opportunity to sell to many.

6. Social media is the new PR.
Today, journalists rely less on wire services and more on social media. Effective PR has always been about building relationships with reporters and editors, and social media is how these relationships are now built.

The bottom line is this: > Is social media for business? > Hell yes because that’s where the customers are.

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