Social Media Strategy

Social Media StrategySocial media strategy has a single goal: The amplification and projection of your message to a wide and deep audience of customers and prospects with a view to selling more stuff, profitably.

Social media evolved in the primeval stew of rapid technological advancement and the instinctive need we humans have to connect socially with other humans. This is why engagement works and broadcasting does not.

If yours is a modern, forward-looking and forward-planning business you will know that you have no choice other than to invest in social media marketing. This will be an integral part of your extended Online Business Development and Search Engine Optimisation plan which should include:

  1. A Modern Web 2.0 website and blog (and or)
  2. An eCommerce, transactional website
  3. On-Site search engine optimisation
  4. Membership of extended social networks
  5. Social media engagement plan
  6. Search engine marketing plan including PPC

Once a business decides that it would be beneficial to have a social media presence, it’s time to define the social media strategy that will earn maximum social currency.

Social media strategy planning

There’s a lot more to social media strategy than just setting up a Facebook page or a Twitter account.
100 thousand followers on twitter is a meaningless waist of time and money – unless your followers are meaningful followers of your brand, message or cause.

The wider and deeper your network and community the better but this needs to be built organically with knowledge, so planning your social media strategy must begin by first considering:

  • How much time can you spend using social media?
  • What guidelines are in place for use by staff?
  • Have you and or your staff received relevant training?
  • Who is responsible for monitoring and measurement?

As the goal of social media strategy is the amplification and projection of your marketing message you need to be sure that the person or people effecting the strategy actually know what they are doing or it will not work and you could do more harm than good.

Social media engagement strategy

There is an age old saying which is more relevant today than it was when it was first coined:
“If you are forever chasing business, it’s because your network is not big enough”

The epitome of Social Media Strategy

The above quote is the epitome of Social Media Strategy and Social Media Strategy is about creating a large network of meaningful followers, friends and advocates with a view to making lots of people aware of your brand, products and services. This requires detailed knowledge and experience with points 1 to 6 above and this is where the Online Marketing Academy can help. We can help you develop your Social Media Strategy and provide the training and resources to embed it in to an Online Business Development plan.

Online Business Development is about creating the desire for the customer to buy, to do that with partnership and without broadcasting and shouting. Social Media Strategy allows us to develop an Inbound Marketing opportunity. Social Media plays a major role in Search Engine optimisation planning. Read more about our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Consulting Service here.