Social Media Training

Social Media Training

Social Media Training involves six distinct disciplines.
Get them right and you’ll achieve your goals, get them wrong and you’ll achieve nothing except wasting lots time & lots of money!

Why is Social Media Training Important?

Social Media Training is important because Social Media Marketing must be built on an architecture which is engineered to get your sales message discovered by the very people who may be searching for it.

Big financial gains can be expected by those businesses who are found at the top of Google rankings by consumers searching for the stuff they sell, and today social media is a very powerful Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tool which can help businesses to rank highly on Google and the other search engines.

Formal Social Media Training is important because so much is at stake and without formal training how can business marketers or individuals be expected to get it right – They don’t know, what they don’t know.

Social Media Training is Important, right?

If you accept that Social Media Training is important please pick up the phone and let’s talk about getting started. If you’re not yet sure that Social Media Training is important enough to warrant paying for training, please read on and we may just persuade you.

We provide corporate Social Media Training and individual (1-on-1) Social Media Training at any location in the UK.

Social Media Training for your Business

    Social Media Training frequently asked questions:

  • What format does Social Media Training take?
    Formal, instructor led, classroom training at any location in the UK
  • How much time will we need for Social Media Training
    1, 2 and 3 day blocks dependent on client needs
  • How much will the Social Media Training Cost?
    From £750.00 to £1,450.00 +VAT per day dependent on class size and client needs
Social Media Training Structure

Without making this page unreasonably long I have written an overview of the six sections included in our Social Media Training, the subsection/s depth included would differ dependent on client needs and duration of training but will include sections on Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing.

Social Media Training: Mindset

Let’s face it, we’ve changed.

The way in which we humans interact with our world has changed and continues to evolve. Not long ago we were locked in a closed and controlling industrial world which determined the way we did everything from work to education, leisure activities and even the way we marketed our goods and services.

The world is changing as we transit between thinking from the industrial age to thinking of the new digital age, which in no small part is led by technology, the internet and social media.

During this transition the 60 years old “Traditional Marketing Mix” has evolved in to the new “Digital Marketing Mix” – The digital marketing mix does not ignore traditional marketing methods, instead, it compliments a very successful, age old method of building a marketing strategy.

The new digital marketing strategy requires a mindset change from intrusive outbound marketing methods to a more consumer centric inbound marketing technique which leverages knowledge how consumers use technology in their every day personal and business lives.

Social Media Training: Evolution

To facilitate the “Mindset” change from Industrial thinking to Digital thinking each marketer must understand how the internet has evolved since it’s inception in the early 1990’s.

Mick say will demonstrate how the internet was born, grew up, came of age and became populated with billions of website pages and how the internet has changed today in relation to what is up there in the ether and how even small businesses can leverage this evolutionary knowledge to beat competitors to those coveted first page Google rankings.

Delegates will gain a “mechanical” understanding of the internet, which will help them to harness its profit building power.

Social Media Training: Discoverability

Discoverability is the holy grail of internet marketing:

“If you are forever chasing business, it’s because your network is not big enough”

Like it or not people search Google for stuff and if they find your competitors stuff at the top of Google then that’s generally what they are going to buy.

Once marketers understand the mechanics of the internet they can begin to build “discoverability” into their online marketing strategy.

Leveraging the internet for business benefit to get you noticed is a matter of know-how, not big budget.

Social Media Training: Platforms

Think of social platforms, software and hardware as the cogs in the engine that make it all work – the mechanics…

The marketer is the chief mechanic who understands how to build and tune the engine and keep it running at optimal efficiency. Deciding which platforms and software etc, to use is a minefield to the uninitiated and many frustrating hours (often years) are wasted using trial and error and a lack of knowledge.

Social Media Training: Time Management

Once your social and digital marketing engine is up and running, you’ll need to know how to feed it fuel to keep it running without wasting your valuable time.

You have to put physical effort into all things worthwhile and the digital marketing strategy is no different, you cannot put this on autopilot and expect it to work.

Working from knowledge of how to minimize and optimize time spent working on social and digital “duties” is of paramount importance, we’ll teach you how we do this for maximum effect.

Social Media Training: Habits and Productivity

The old ones are the best ! – No pain, no gain…

The truth is, lots of what the marketer needs to do on a daily basis is boring and repetitive, if you are not very careful social media and digital marketing management will impact negatively on your daily working routines.

We will teach the How, What, When and Where of digital marketing and how to set up your hardware to form habits which will help you to be effective and productive.

Social Media Training Agency

Mick Say is the founder of the Online Marketing Academy, which is a Digital Marketing and Social Media Training Agency. Mick is one of the UK’s leading Social Media Marketing trainers experienced with teaching, coaching, mentoring and speaking on social media and digital marketing issues.

Having worked with government departments, individual business owners and senior executives as well as large corporate classrooms Mick can tailor Social Media Training to suit client needs and budgets. Please contact us if you would like to organise Social Media Training for yourself or your organisation.