What is social media?

What is Social MediaSocial Media (in business) is a bridge between buyer and seller.
This bridge however is built on mutual respect and integrity.

Slowly but surely, the world adopted digital technologies and found different ways to communicate and interact, after all we are a social species that thrives on contact and thanks to technology;
family, friends and customers are just a click or tap away.

That’s the power of social media: The desire to interact with others is built into our very being.

The phrase Social Media means different things to different people. Your understanding of the term will depend on your personal experience and how you see other individuals use it.

How could we use social media?
For conversation? – For sharing? – To build relationships? – For pleasure? or for business?

Let’s drill down a definition. What is social media? Where once we would have checked an encyclopaedia or dictionary, we now use Wikipedia and Google as our reference points.

Wikipedia gives us a great definition of Social Media which identifies a crucial technical element when trying to pinpoint what is social media? “Social media is media for social interaction as a superset beyond social communication.”

That’s a good start, but when people use a social network, they aren’t thinking about subsets, they are thinking about what they can achieve using their technology.

Think of social media technologies as a toolkit help us interact.

The problem can be, that with so many tools, its hard to find the right mix for your individual needs.

Social media as we know it today is a landscape in which the major networks, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and more, compete for our attention as consumers.

Whilst social media sites give us tools for free, to simplify our lives, the fast paced nature of the industry means managing your social media lives becomes a challenge in itself. The Online Marketing Academy can help you to understand the medium through our blog or consultations.

    5 ways social media improved our daily lives

  • Improved interpersonal communications
  • A great source for news
  • It gives us a voice
  • A great way to share photos and video
  • It’ helps us stay connected

So to sum up; what is social media? Social media is a key part of how we communicate and connect, with others on a global scale. It’s evolving, it’s an enormous industry generating millions of pounds in advertising revenue, social commerce and spider industries that surround it.

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