What is IPv6 – Internet Protocol Version 6

IPv6 Test Flight on June 8th 2011 On June 8th 2011 Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and other major web companies will be real-time testing IPv6. IPv6 “Internet Protocol Version 6” will replace – Ipv4 “Internet Protocol Version 4” Google and other large web players will enable IPv6 on many of their websites for 24 hours to test how IPv6 performs in the real world. More than 99.9% of people shouldn’t have any problems during this industry-wide test. Your experience on June 8th will depend on your computer and network configuration. - If you only have IPv4, you’ll simply use IPv4 as usual and … [Read more...]

What Part Does The Digital Coach Play in Social Media?

The Digital Coach in Social Media? Businesses are understandably still very cautious about investing time and money into social media. There is a lot of hype around Twitter and Facebook and other Social Business/Networking platforms such as Ecademy and LinkedIn. But is the Hype convincing enough? I think not yet, but don’t dismiss this as negativity towards social media. Social Media will continue to grow as a marketing phenomenon in the coming decade as more consumers dip their spoon in the social soup. In a few short years time as technology and broadband becomes cheaper and … [Read more...]

Digital Coaching for Business

Digital Coaching for business productivity. Digital Coaching is the methodology used by a Digital Coach to help a client identify their real needs when developing an online marketing or social media marketing strategy. The online and social media world is a real minefield for the uninitiated. So how does an inexperienced business owner, CEO, Marketing Director, or Public relations firm cut through the noise and identify the most productive and profitable route to the goal? Digital Coaching from the Online Marketing Academy Mick Say is the Digital Coach at the Online Marketing Academy. … [Read more...]

Digital Coach? What is Digital Coaching?

Digital Coach ? What is Digital Coaching? There is a real buzz around the phrase Digital Coach, more and more people are asking what the hec is Digital Coaching? It's a fair question and one which I blame Seth Godin for. (Nice one Seth) On January 19th 2008 Seth wrote a blog entitled "A shortage of Digital Coaches" He was spot on the money so to speak because, two years since writing the blog the Digital Coaching genre is really starting to gather pace. Why? (Seth's foresight was inspirational by the way) So What is Digital Coaching? I have already written several blogs about what a … [Read more...]

What Does Mick Say the Digital Coach Do?

What Does Mick Say the Digital Coach Do? The Digital Coach works with organisations to improve or implement systems to improve business productivity. If you would like to speak to an Digital Coach please contact Mick Say via the contact page above. … [Read more...]

Outsource to a Personal Digital Coach?

If you are like most business owners you will wear several hats. Small business owners are a hardy breed by nature and are typically not afraid to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and get involved in all aspects of their business, including online marketing! From brainstorming an idea to developing the concept the small business owner does it all. However, problems arise as the business become more successful. The business begins to thrive and increase in complexity and completing the myriad of different tasks for what would be several different departments in any other … [Read more...]

Digital Coach up Close and Personal

Any kind of knowledge sharing is better achieved with the involvement of a human in it. For example, a simple concept taught by a expert is better understood than when a book containing the same concept is read. That is human psychology and no one can refute that. A Digital Coach is a Person! As the Digital Coaching phenomenon begins to gather pace there will be many people, who will try to leverage the popularity of the genre by selling online coaching NOT supported by a person: IE, the Digital Coach. When a Digital Coach engages with a client it will be in person or by telephone, … [Read more...]

Digital Coach: What is a Digital Coach?

The term Digital Coach can be misleading today because not many people know what a Digital Coach is ! That's cool because the Digital Coach is a relativity new Job Category which will develop over the next five years. In five years time there will be thousands of Digital Coaches and everyone will know what a Digital Coach is and what a Digital Coach does. What is a Digital Coach? Whenever I present my self as a Digital Coach, people ask me what does a Digital Coach do? To answer the question think about the terms Digital Telephone, Digital Camera, Digital Images, Digital Design , … [Read more...]

How to Add a YouTube Video’s to Ecademy Pages

How to add a YouTube Video to your Ecademy Company Page. How to add a YouTube Video to your Ecademy Profile Page. Digital Coach Series Mick Say is a Digital Coach who supports UK Businesses with Online and Social Media Marketing Projects. From hooking up the CEO's Smart phone to helping with a global, corporate online marketing strategy. … [Read more...]

Avoiding Online Identity Theft in Social Media

During our social media training courses delegates frequently ask the Digital Coach how to protect against online identity theft.Its a fair question and one which is important and relativity easy to answer. As more and more of us engage in social media marketing activities the identity thieves and fraudsters have a bigger audience of prey to choose from. So please watch our short video where we have prepared essential advice and guidance about how to stay safe online. … [Read more...]