Digital Coaching for Business

Digital Coaching for business productivity. Digital Coaching is the methodology used by a Digital Coach to help a client identify their real needs when developing an online marketing or social media marketing strategy. The online and social media world is a real minefield for the uninitiated. So how does an inexperienced business owner, CEO, Marketing Director, or Public relations firm cut through the noise and identify the most productive and profitable route to the goal? Digital Coaching from the Online Marketing Academy Mick Say is the Digital Coach at the Online Marketing Academy. … [Read more...]

Digital Coach? What is Digital Coaching?

Digital Coach ? What is Digital Coaching? There is a real buzz around the phrase Digital Coach, more and more people are asking what the hec is Digital Coaching? It's a fair question and one which I blame Seth Godin for. (Nice one Seth) On January 19th 2008 Seth wrote a blog entitled "A shortage of Digital Coaches" He was spot on the money so to speak because, two years since writing the blog the Digital Coaching genre is really starting to gather pace. Why? (Seth's foresight was inspirational by the way) So What is Digital Coaching? I have already written several blogs about what a … [Read more...]