Why Ecademy is my favorite Social Network.

Sadly, Ecademy was sold on and was morphed into something else which simply was not the same. Please note that all of the content below is now obsolete. Ecademy is a membership organisation for entrepreneurs and business owners who belong to a community that connects, supports and transacts with one another. Short Video - Why Ecademy is my favorite Social Network Build Strong Business Relationships To build a strong business relationship, you must first gain trust from one another through having a personal relationship, this is critical before you can expect to move onto a … [Read more...]

William Buist – How has Ecademy Evolved

William Buist: After a 25 year career in the insurance and risk management business William set up a consultancy to challenge organisations to develop adapt and implement their business models in response to changing market conditions. Over the last 10 years William has been in the forefront of research and analysis of the impact of the internet as a business tool in general and Social Media in particular, in business. He's been working with Ecademy for the last 7 years William constantly seeks to drive business efficiency and customer value into business models by using social tools and … [Read more...]

Penny Power – the Mother of Business Social Networking

Penny Power, Ecademy Founder Historians will write Penny into the history books as the person who connected 10 million people, a lady with integrity who tried to touch them all. The vision that Penny once had is now a living and breathing reality that countless thousands of us share by being connecting to people whom add value to our lives. People we would never have met without Penny’s vision and determination to make it happen. Mick Say September 19, 2008 I wrote the above tribute to Penny three years ago almost to the day, we remain great friends and Penny continues to connect people … [Read more...]

Network Marketing with Empire Avenue

Network Marketing and the Empire Avenue Community My two favourite online communities for finding interesting friends, collaborators, advocates, vendors and clients are Ecademy and Empire Avenue. Dedicated to helping my Empire Avenue friends. I am now earning over 200 eaves per day to spend and I would like to spend them investing in those people who take network marketing seriously so to this end I invite my EA contacts to: Fully Follow me on FaceBook, Linked in and Twitter. Like my Facebook Business page and leave a comment with your Empire Avenue TICKER And... finally add me … [Read more...]

Empire Avenue an a Hotbed of Talent and Compassion

As my Empire Avenue Experience continues I am finding more and more new friends to connect with and learn from. I am learning more in this stage of my life than any other and most of this new learning is from my friends and colleges on Ecademy and Empire Avenue - using Twitter as a conduit to communicate further. Empire Avenue, Ecademy and Twitter A fantastic combination of Digital Marketing and Productivity tools - connect, learn, enjoy and grow. Well done to Empire Avenue, Ecademy and Twitter. … [Read more...]

How to Add a YouTube Video’s to Ecademy Pages

How to add a YouTube Video to your Ecademy Company Page. How to add a YouTube Video to your Ecademy Profile Page. Digital Coach Series Mick Say is a Digital Coach who supports UK Businesses with Online and Social Media Marketing Projects. From hooking up the CEO's Smart phone to helping with a global, corporate online marketing strategy. … [Read more...]

Why I Like, and Benefit from eCademy

Video Blog: by Mick Say 2nd July 2010. … [Read more...]