EU Cookie Law

New EU Cookie Laws concerning website Cookies will come into effect in May 2012. Each website owner is responsible for ensuring that their website complies with the Electronic Communications Directive Regulations 2003 as amended the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive Amendment 2011 - known as the "EU Cookie Law".

New EU Cookie Law. It doesn’t have to be a pain!

New EU Cookie Law

OK so there is a big stink about the impending doom that is the New EU Cookie Law. But the bottom line is this - it is the law! And if we flaunt it we may pay the price. There are still developers and website owners who do not know about the New EU Cookie Law. Some are in denial and some think they are immune. Don’t take my word for it: Matt Warman of The Telegraph said: EU cookie law ‘will cost businesses £10billion’ New regulations on internet cookies which come into force on 26 May will cost UK businesses £10billion, researchers have claimed. John Naughton of the Observer … [Read more...]