How Much Does FaceBook Activity Influence your Klout?

I tested how much Klout influence I was getting from FaceBook On November the 3rd I disconnected my FaceBook from Klout and within 24 hours I dropped like a stone from a Klout score of 62 to a Klout Score of 50 !! I then reconnected my facebook and within another 24 hours my Klout score raised to 62 – Phew – a dangerous test but one that proves that FaceBook plays a large part in overall social influence, according to Klout. 24 hours after disconnecting FaceBook from Klout 24 hours after re-connecting FaceBook to Klout … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing – Is FaceBook Right for Your Business?

Is FaceBook Right for Your Business? Facebook is the largest of the Social Networks which connects, joins, and informs millions of people (prospects?). FaceBook has been the topic for thousands books, millions of blog posts and even an Hollywood film so there has to be something in it. The FIRST question for business is, should we be on FaceBook as a brand? Well, for many people (consumers) Facebook is part of their daily routine, from posting updates, checking in with friends or chatting in groups. => this raises the SECOND question for business; can business leverage this for … [Read more...]

UK Facebook User Statistics

Tweet FaceBook User Statistics for the United Kingdom. NOTES: (1) Facebook World Users and Facebook World Penetration Statistics are consolidated for August 31, 2010 from the official number of Facebook users reported in each country or world region. (2) The "Facebook Index" corresponds to the ratio of Facebook users in relation to the total number of estimated Internet users in each country or world region, expressed as a percentage. (3) World Demographic (Population) numbers are based on mid-year 2010 data from the US Census Bureau . (4) Internet usage information comes from … [Read more...]

The Great Social Media Third Party Debate

The Great Third Party Debate: Twitter is in the process of upgrading their platform, FacBook recently allowed us all to have company pages, all very positive stuff in the short and medium term but as you can imagine all third party platforms, Blogger, YouTube, LinkedIn etc, etc, all have their own agenda. So when they change the rules what happens to the effort we have put into them? Many of us put great store in applying our own brands through the “via” footnote on our Tweets, NewTwitter have removed this from the timeline which means that the majority of people who use Twitter via … [Read more...]

When FaceBook Becomes a Bank

The high-street banks, and mega-brand financial institutions are all under attack, in many cases even without their knowledge. Their foundations are been quietly chipped away and are becoming increasingly weak. But where is the attack coming from and who is the enemy? The enemy is within, senior executives, marketers, branch managers and loan approvers, very few of whom really understand how the world has changed outside of their glass towers. I am not having a go at the banks and for sure I want to see them survive because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate, when FaceBook … [Read more...]