Digital Marketing – Do you have a Mega-Brand-Mindset?

A Paradigm Shift in Marketing Technology In the blink of eye and entire movement in marketing has changed from push to pull, I personally receive 90%+ less junk mail through my letter box than I did 5 years ago and I receive 95%+ more opted-in marketing email messages than I did 5 years ago. This is really cool because I receive information and deals on the stuff that I want and when I want something new, I search Google for it. Not long ago most TV commercials call to action was Ring the telephone hotline, or "answers on a postcard? today however almost every TV commerical … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing is about future value because….

We live in a fast forward world where very few people listen until they actually want something. The volume of marketing messages delivered to us is huge and this makes the marketing space very complicated to see, absorb, and leverage. It’s like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack but bigger. We only think about looking for the needle when we need to darn our socks and when that time comes we type “where is the needle” into Google! The trouble with this is that there are many businesses trying to sell needles, so in order to be found online and sell lots of needles you … [Read more...]

What can Google help you give your Kids?

Not much in life is free but search giant Google, really do give, for free some amazing tools including the Chrome web browser and Gmail. If you are a human being you need to have a free Gmail account. Watch the amazing video above to see how you can give your child a legacy that they will treasure and truly thank you for. Google win my vote for being not only one of the most progressive businesses on the planet but, lets face it for all the wonderful stuff they give us for free. … [Read more...]