20 Very Easy Steps to Selling via Social Networks?

Part Parody, but truth about Selling via Social Networks. There are two types of prospect that I speak to regarding social media strategy, 1). Has no confidence at all in Social Media as a route to market. 2). The prospect who thinks that we can build them a social strategy and get them 10,000.00 friends and followers by tea-time... In each case I try to explain that "Social Media" is a phrase which describes a multitude of applications, programs, networks and websites which constitute the "Social Web" and to develop a social networking strategy the business will need to utilize many of … [Read more...]

Social Media – Why I Follow Everyone Back on Twitter

Tweet Why Do I follow everybody back on Twitter ? Because we do not chase business - New Business Finds Us! If you are forever chasing business, it is because your network is not big enough! New clients find us because we have a mature Inbound Marketing strategy which includes Twitter and the extended networks belonging to the people who follow us on Twitter and other Social Networks. I maintain my Twitter account as me the person @MickSay and eventually, slowly my followers/friends become aware of me personally and the business which I run. The majority of my followers are … [Read more...]

Social Media – What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a Marketing Strategy that focuses on getting the customers to find your product or message in contrast to traditional Out-Bound marketing where the business buys advertising in magazines and News Papers, on TV and Radio, at trade shows on Bill Boards, etc and often more intrusive advertising such as direct mail, email and telesales. Inbound Marketing focuses on populating the internet quality content in multiple digital formats, deep and wide enough to be found when the consumers searches for your stuff in contrast to you intrusively advertising to them. Social Media … [Read more...]

Team-Working with Technology for Business Growth

If your business is micro, small, big or mega, the story for you is the same. If your chief’s, the CEO’s or the Marketing department don’t have red hot digital media and inbound marketing skills then somewhere along the line you are going to notice an increase in your competitors sales - - At the expense of yours! Inbound Digital Marketing Brain Transplant The days of pervasive broadcast marketing are all but gone and marketers have to learn new skills and develop new Digital Marketing strategies. Unless you have been hiding in a cupboard for the past 5 years you will have noticed the … [Read more...]

20 Really Easy Steps to Selling via Social Media

I Originally posted this satirical story on my Ecademy blog in April 2011 but people get so much fun from it that I have decided to repeat it here to share the post with more people. If you like it give it +1 - and if you love it - please Tweet it from the bottom of the page - Thanks - Mick 20 Really EASY steps to selling via social media marketing. 1. Join lots of networks knowing that you will sell loads of stuff. 2. Connect to thousands of contacts and try to them sell lots of stuff. 3. Wait for the orders to pour in, they're gonna come right? 4. Scratch your head and wait a bit … [Read more...]