Social Media Marketing, My Favorite Social Networks

Social Media Marketing, my Favourite Social Networks I am often asked which is my favourite Social network and asked to explain why. As you can imagine with a choice of thousands and with so many that I really like it is almost impossible to select jut one network. So these are my top five favourites in terms of productivity, fun and a return on the investment of my time. 1. Twitter - 2. Ecademy - 3. Facebook - 4. LinkedIn - 5. YouTube > Tweet I think that you will find that my top five above are popular with most people like me who are employed in a digital marketing role, and … [Read more...]

Recession Driven Social Media Opportunities

When global markets get shocked the whole world evolves: The world has changed and businesses of all sizes must evolve to meet the new challenge. Recent events are forcing all organisations to reevaluate their operations from core-purpose through to marketing. Watch and Listen to Thomas Power, Louis Gray and David Eldridge discussing the recession and Social Media. The Video was produced by Mark Sinclair at Your Business Channel. Is the recession driving social media opportunity? If you agree with the experts in the video below, you may like to read about the Social Media for … [Read more...]

What is a Website?

When is a website not a website? When its an online marketing platform of course. The Word "Website" is quite an ambiguous term because it means different things to different people. This website is an online marketing platform, kind of a website on steroids pumping iron. If you take a look at our navigation bars above you will notice: Main Navigation Bar for our Website Subject Pages. Secondary Navigation Bar for our Blog Categories. Third Navigation Bar for our Groups and Forums. Right at the top of the page our sign-up and log-in menu. In the side-bar you will notice the … [Read more...]