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Mick Say - Social Media Speaker Social Media is playing a pivotal role in the evolution of the internet. Social Media provides the platform which connects people in a way never previously possible with any other medium. Social Media includes web-based and mobile technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue. These internet-based applications allow the easy creation and exchange of user-generated content. A Motivational Speaker in Social Media Mick Say is an Online Business Development Consultant at the Online Marketing Academy. Mick is an early Social … [Read more...]

Matt Hodkinson Interviews Mick Say on Empire Avenue

Matt Hodkinson visited Mick Say at the Social Media Shed and asked Mick questions about his experience on Empire Avenue. Empire Avenue is about fun and learning, keeping up with my skills and connecting to new and interesting people. I do it because I enjoy it and because I can learn from my peers. … [Read more...]

Digital Coach up Close and Personal

Any kind of knowledge sharing is better achieved with the involvement of a human in it. For example, a simple concept taught by a expert is better understood than when a book containing the same concept is read. That is human psychology and no one can refute that. A Digital Coach is a Person! As the Digital Coaching phenomenon begins to gather pace there will be many people, who will try to leverage the popularity of the genre by selling online coaching NOT supported by a person: IE, the Digital Coach. When a Digital Coach engages with a client it will be in person or by telephone, … [Read more...]

Digital Coach: What is a Digital Coach?

The term Digital Coach can be misleading today because not many people know what a Digital Coach is ! That's cool because the Digital Coach is a relativity new Job Category which will develop over the next five years. In five years time there will be thousands of Digital Coaches and everyone will know what a Digital Coach is and what a Digital Coach does. What is a Digital Coach? Whenever I present my self as a Digital Coach, people ask me what does a Digital Coach do? To answer the question think about the terms Digital Telephone, Digital Camera, Digital Images, Digital Design , … [Read more...]

What is #FollowFriday all about ?

How does #FollowFriday Work on Twitter? Why do people tweet #followfriday? Each Friday, you’ll see lots of people around the world Twittering using the phrase #followfriday, and lots of people have asked my why they do it? #FollowFriday is a bit of fun in where people give their suggestions of who to follow on twitter. It helps people like me and you to suggest and find new interesting Twitter users to our friends. You can use #FollowFriday in two ways You list the users you recommend other to follow following and add “#followfriday” anywhere in the Tweet so others can see it. The … [Read more...]

Hello to my Twitter Friends

Thank You for following me on Twitter. My mission in is to help UK businesses to excel online, to help them grow their businesses via more personal social interactions, we do this in two ways: 1. We provide clients with State-or-the-Art Online Marketing Platforms 2. We provide clients with the very latest Social Media training If your not following me on Twitter yet please click here for my Twitter profile: @micksay, and if you are a prospective new client please don't hesitate to ring me on +44 7719 061 835 … [Read more...]

Why I Like, and Benefit from eCademy

Video Blog: by Mick Say 2nd July 2010. … [Read more...]

Thomas Power

Thomas Power Ecademy Chairman Thomas Power is a futurist and a social media leader and commentator. Thomas is highly respected throught the world on subjects relating to Online Technologies, Media, Marketing, the internet and how these relate to connecting people within social and business circles. Thomas is a global communicator who coined the word "connectedness" in relation in to how we humans are evolving and merging with the internet to communicate in our everyday lives and how this will impact on near future generations. Thomas's core purpose is "Teaching People" Follow Thomas on … [Read more...]

Social Currency

Social Media Marketing - Why ? Because the world and we humans have evolved and you have to be in business for the long-haul because short-term-ism and complacency will kill your business stone dead! Alternatively - Social Media Marketing can help your business to evolve, grow and prosper as you accrue Social Currency. How Can a Small Business - Accrue Social Currency ? Importantly: In exactly the same way the global mega-brands do! The Internet levels the playing field for all players, its not the player with the biggest budget that wins, its the player with knowledge of how to leverage … [Read more...]

My Favourite Social Author

Seth Godin is my Favourite Author for two really cool reasons. Firstly I don't read physical books, I do not have the time. But I spend a lot of time reading blogs and stuff online and on my iPhone using my6Sense Seth writes a daily blog which is delivered to my PC and my iPhone, It's a great blog because he writes really sophisticated stuff in bite-size-chunks which even I can understand. Its very educational for any person, of any age, any gender and any occupation. I reccomend that you sign up to Seth's Blog Even Cooler than Seth's Blog are Seth's Audio Books. Search for Seth Godin … [Read more...]