20 Really Easy Steps to Selling via Social Media

I Originally posted this satirical story on my Ecademy blog in April 2011 but people get so much fun from it that I have decided to repeat it here to share the post with more people. If you like it give it +1 - and if you love it - please Tweet it from the bottom of the page - Thanks - Mick 20 Really EASY steps to selling via social media marketing. 1. Join lots of networks knowing that you will sell loads of stuff. 2. Connect to thousands of contacts and try to them sell lots of stuff. 3. Wait for the orders to pour in, they're gonna come right? 4. Scratch your head and wait a bit … [Read more...]

Network Marketing with Empire Avenue

Network Marketing and the Empire Avenue Community My two favourite online communities for finding interesting friends, collaborators, advocates, vendors and clients are Ecademy and Empire Avenue. Dedicated to helping my Empire Avenue friends. I am now earning over 200 eaves per day to spend and I would like to spend them investing in those people who take network marketing seriously so to this end I invite my EA contacts to: Fully Follow me on FaceBook, Linked in and Twitter. Like my Facebook Business page and leave a comment with your Empire Avenue TICKER And... finally add me … [Read more...]