Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

The online marketing toolbox is constantly evolving with an ever changing assortment of new and innovative marketing tools but in the hustle and bustle of the web do we often accept new and improved and scrap older mediums and throw the baby out with the bath water? Permission based Email marketing is an established and proven marketing medium and it is still a relevant marketing tool. Most businesses though don’t use this important marketing method to its full potential. Email marketing offers three benefits that other mediums often miss: Familiarity Top of mind awareness, and … [Read more...]

Do all Businesses Need an Online Marketing Strategy?

Most business owners and marketers accept that the Marketing Mix has changed because of the evolution of online marketing technology and if they want to appear on the front page of Google in the future and sell more stuff they have three choices. 1. Spend a lot of money Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). Or 2. Invest in organic search strategies. Or 3. Both of the above. The Online Marketing Academy invests very little PPC advertising because we have a mature organic “Search Marketing” Strategy and this brings us more business than we can cope with, but this enviable position has been … [Read more...]

Online Marketing Strategy Testimonial

Tweet I can confirm that Mick Say is a man of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to all aspects of his work whether that be on a consultative basis, online marketing strategy, personal business coach or anything web related. At all times I have found Mick to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest, courteous and as helpful as possible. Furthermore Mick is a team player and seamlessly integrates with our own team as if he had known them over a number of years. Mick’s response to support related issues or questions are second to none and his ability as a … [Read more...]

Is Free Love like a free lunch? (internet)

Is Free Love like a free lunch ? (internet) Everywhere we turn in the online and social media world we are being bombarded with offers to join this and that for free, and then there is the never ending stream of emails from so called friends, contacts and followers telling you about the latest must have online tool that they just had to tell you about. A popular trend for the past couple of years has been “free love” meaning that online marketers will give something enticing away for free in return for a name and email address. Unfortunately though, for every high-quality freebie with … [Read more...]

Is blogging good for your business?

Is blogging good for business? The Digital Coach Say's - Hell Yes But don’t take my word for it, watch and listen to two of the world’s greatest business speakers chewing the fat about blogs... Seth Godin and Tom Peters.. Doesn’t get much better than this. What is a blog? Read the Wikipedia definition of a blog here. … [Read more...]

Recession Driven Social Media Opportunities

When global markets get shocked the whole world evolves: The world has changed and businesses of all sizes must evolve to meet the new challenge. Recent events are forcing all organisations to reevaluate their operations from core-purpose through to marketing. Watch and Listen to Thomas Power, Louis Gray and David Eldridge discussing the recession and Social Media. The Video was produced by Mark Sinclair at Your Business Channel. Is the recession driving social media opportunity? If you agree with the experts in the video below, you may like to read about the Social Media for … [Read more...]

The Great Social Media Third Party Debate

The Great Third Party Debate: Twitter is in the process of upgrading their platform, FacBook recently allowed us all to have company pages, all very positive stuff in the short and medium term but as you can imagine all third party platforms, Blogger, YouTube, LinkedIn etc, etc, all have their own agenda. So when they change the rules what happens to the effort we have put into them? Many of us put great store in applying our own brands through the “via” footnote on our Tweets, NewTwitter have removed this from the timeline which means that the majority of people who use Twitter via … [Read more...]

Do you Need Better Website Conversion?

On almost a daily basis I am asked the following question: "We have a great website and we get quite a lot of visitors, but we are not getting enough (or any) sales, can you just have a quick look and see what you think?" Most of the people asking the questions are people I am connected to on the various social networks and the remainder are subscribers and visitors to my website. I generally ask: Who made your website and how much did you pay for it ? Around 40% reply “I made it myself” or a “friend or family member made it” Around 20% reply “Oh it was quite cheap, we can … [Read more...]

Social Media Sales Team 2010+

You got enough geeks and weird people working for you today ? OK, so a bit tongue in cheek, but the message is real enough because Uber conected employees or social media contractors really can help you win more new clients and grow your business at a substantially lower cost of a regional sales team, so if driving down the cost of sales and driving up new sales revenue is important to you, you’d best contact us and lets discuss how. Are Communications Policies Stunting Business Growth? Many companies, with good reason have communications policies that forbid employees from using social … [Read more...]

What is #FollowFriday all about ?

How does #FollowFriday Work on Twitter? Why do people tweet #followfriday? Each Friday, you’ll see lots of people around the world Twittering using the phrase #followfriday, and lots of people have asked my why they do it? #FollowFriday is a bit of fun in where people give their suggestions of who to follow on twitter. It helps people like me and you to suggest and find new interesting Twitter users to our friends. You can use #FollowFriday in two ways You list the users you recommend other to follow following and add “#followfriday” anywhere in the Tweet so others can see it. The … [Read more...]