Digital Marketing is about future value because….

We live in a fast forward world where very few people listen until they actually want something. The volume of marketing messages delivered to us is huge and this makes the marketing space very complicated to see, absorb, and leverage. It’s like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack but bigger. We only think about looking for the needle when we need to darn our socks and when that time comes we type “where is the needle” into Google! The trouble with this is that there are many businesses trying to sell needles, so in order to be found online and sell lots of needles you … [Read more...]

Search Engine Optimisation the Google Panda Way

Talking technical about Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media without any technical language. Six months after Google launched Panda I am feeling vindicated and quite please with myself. During the past 10 years as I have been building my Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media experience and expertise and I have grown up in a community where link-farms and back-link brokers were the norm. The industry was alive with back-link fever because Google measured your websites authority by how many other websites linked to yours, and as you would expect entrepreneurial … [Read more...]