20 Very Easy Steps to Selling via Social Networks?

Part Parody, but truth about Selling via Social Networks. There are two types of prospect that I speak to regarding social media strategy, 1). Has no confidence at all in Social Media as a route to market. 2). The prospect who thinks that we can build them a social strategy and get them 10,000.00 friends and followers by tea-time... In each case I try to explain that "Social Media" is a phrase which describes a multitude of applications, programs, networks and websites which constitute the "Social Web" and to develop a social networking strategy the business will need to utilize many of … [Read more...]

Building a Meaningful Social Network for Business

Tweet 3 Key Tools to Building a large and Meaningful Social Network “If you are forever chasing business, it's because your network is not big enough.” This phrase was coined long before the internet completely and radically altered the business world as we know it. This term came around when networks were built with the sending of an invitation, the shaking of a hand, or a conversation on a phone. The internet has warped how business transactions and interactions take place. With options that have never been available until now how you get your message out to the people will be … [Read more...]

Empire Avenue: A Useful Game or a Dangerous Distraction?

Less than two weeks in to playing the Empire Avenue game and school is still out on whether I will be as enthusiastic about it in 2 months as I am now. My gut feeling today is that I will still be hooked in two years time. Only time will tell. Tweet This Post > Empire Avenue may be a game BUT ! On three levels the game intrigues me, Although EA has been around for a year or so it only came onto my radar a couple of weeks ago and it has me riveted with expectation of benefit for me and my business. A Measure of Social Influence Social Media engagement and Social Media Authority … [Read more...]

What’s Next Social Media Event in Wales:

Amazing Social Media Event in Wales: May 23rd 2011 If you haven't booked your place at the What's Next Social Media Event in Wales now is your chance and there are lots of really great reasons why you should. First up, the event is being held at the 4 star Mercure Cardiff Holland House Hotel and Spa located in the heart of Cardiff. Rooms have unrivalled views of the vibrant, Cardiff city centre, why not consider stopping over a few days, you would not be disappointed. Have fun ! Social Media Event OK, so it's not all fun - there is a very serious motive for the What's Next Event. As … [Read more...]