Social Media – Why I Follow Everyone Back on Twitter

Tweet Why Do I follow everybody back on Twitter ? Because we do not chase business - New Business Finds Us! If you are forever chasing business, it is because your network is not big enough! New clients find us because we have a mature Inbound Marketing strategy which includes Twitter and the extended networks belonging to the people who follow us on Twitter and other Social Networks. I maintain my Twitter account as me the person @MickSay and eventually, slowly my followers/friends become aware of me personally and the business which I run. The majority of my followers are … [Read more...]

Empire Avenue an a Hotbed of Talent and Compassion

As my Empire Avenue Experience continues I am finding more and more new friends to connect with and learn from. I am learning more in this stage of my life than any other and most of this new learning is from my friends and colleges on Ecademy and Empire Avenue - using Twitter as a conduit to communicate further. Empire Avenue, Ecademy and Twitter A fantastic combination of Digital Marketing and Productivity tools - connect, learn, enjoy and grow. Well done to Empire Avenue, Ecademy and Twitter. … [Read more...]

The Great Social Media Third Party Debate

The Great Third Party Debate: Twitter is in the process of upgrading their platform, FacBook recently allowed us all to have company pages, all very positive stuff in the short and medium term but as you can imagine all third party platforms, Blogger, YouTube, LinkedIn etc, etc, all have their own agenda. So when they change the rules what happens to the effort we have put into them? Many of us put great store in applying our own brands through the “via” footnote on our Tweets, NewTwitter have removed this from the timeline which means that the majority of people who use Twitter via … [Read more...]

What is #FollowFriday all about ?

How does #FollowFriday Work on Twitter? Why do people tweet #followfriday? Each Friday, you’ll see lots of people around the world Twittering using the phrase #followfriday, and lots of people have asked my why they do it? #FollowFriday is a bit of fun in where people give their suggestions of who to follow on twitter. It helps people like me and you to suggest and find new interesting Twitter users to our friends. You can use #FollowFriday in two ways You list the users you recommend other to follow following and add “#followfriday” anywhere in the Tweet so others can see it. The … [Read more...]

When FaceBook Becomes a Bank

The high-street banks, and mega-brand financial institutions are all under attack, in many cases even without their knowledge. Their foundations are been quietly chipped away and are becoming increasingly weak. But where is the attack coming from and who is the enemy? The enemy is within, senior executives, marketers, branch managers and loan approvers, very few of whom really understand how the world has changed outside of their glass towers. I am not having a go at the banks and for sure I want to see them survive because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate, when FaceBook … [Read more...]

Twitter Money Myth and Madness

Did you hear the one about "Make Big Money on Twitter" ? If it wasn't so scary it would be funny, but of course its serious stuff because unscrupulous Internet marketers and uninformed Internet affiliates are having a negative affect on unsuspecting people and business owners who believe the hype. Any person who buys into these get rich quick or build thousands of Twitter Followers Fast schemes will be A. Disappointed, B. Get suspended by Twitter, C. Lose their investment, D. become disillusioned with Twitter, and F. be thoroughly pissed off by the experience! Social Media Strategy with … [Read more...]