Website Design Testimonial DS Associates

From the start, you have been at pains to understand my desired outcome in my wish to have a coherent approach to our website. I feel that I “own” the strategy, in other words, you have guided, prodded and offered opinion, but never have you insisted on any particular point. So, top marks for consultative approach and engendering the feeling that this is a team effort. Your knowledge in this arena is really quite something. I know that I understand very little, but there was never a time when I felt you were anything but confident on any issues I raised – questions are answered in plain … [Read more...]

Website Development & SEO Testimonial

Hello Mick, Just to say thank you for your help on the two website projects you have undertaken for me. On both projects you have delivered 100% of what you committed to. You have explained the pros and cons of different approaches and I am delighted with both sites. I would have no problem recommending you. Your personal approach is refreshing, you take real pride in what you do. Your knowledge I have found to be far superior than many “so called experts”. Thanks again David Levine Director … [Read more...]

Michael Oon Website Management Testimonial

Michael Oon SEO and Website Management Testimonial If you want a successful business web site, you need visitors and then to get the purchase conversions from the visit. However, if you are relying to get visitors from the web, you need to be on the first page of the relevant keywords of the search engines. If you are not, you are probably struggling with getting visitors. This in turns adds to issues to the performance of the web site. With these issues, I have been looking for a web designer with a business background and expertise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in the … [Read more...]

Website Design in a Web 2.0 World

Website Design: The vast majority of our website work comes from website owners who have realised that their current website is a drain on financial and physical resources without delivering a return on their investment and in most cases they have had to admit that many of their websites don't even look good! Old Static websites simply cannot cut-it in this Web 2.0 world: A website needs to communicate with the visitor and we're not talking the "contact us" page. Allowing an open and responsive opportunity for the visitor to add comments and expect an immediate response should be the rule … [Read more...]

Pirates Ahoy

There's gold in them thar hills. There is no question that you and your business need to have a powerful online presence if you are to succeed and collect your gold in our digital future. But how does the Non-Expert navigate his or her way through the shark infested ocean of online marketing and website design vendors. How can you choose which vendors are right for you? Here are my top-tips for finding vendors who you can trust to work with. Go to the "Contact Us" Page and see if you can find details allowing you to connect to a real person. Complete the contact form (only if it … [Read more...]