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Website Design by Mick Say for the Social Web

Web Integration by Mick Say

A Website is not enough!
The Website today is a hub, a portal into your business, a trusted place where your customers, clients and followers can hang out and connect with you and your “tribe” on your turf ! Try doing that with a cheap website.

We are “Social Web Integration Developers” providing clients with State-of-the-Art Online Marketing Platforms. Increasingly, “old-fashioned” websites are losing ground to websites which are integrated with the Social-Web and soon the old school will be asking “is there anybody there?

Social Media Marketing Built into Website Design

Social Media Marketing Built in by Design - Mick Say

Website Design

Your “Marketing-Platform” will be capable of posting your content to your entire online & offline network, automatically!

In the language of my 9 years old nice “wow-man, that’s cool
Strong links and meaningful connections = connectedness

The Network is Now the Economy

You should not take this statement lightly because today and increasingly tomorrow, business is becoming a game played online and our computer generation teenagers will not acknowledge your business if they cannot find it online.

The image above aptly demonstrates my point with your website at the centre of your network. Information, links and real people connections flow in and out of your hub, your portal. And assuming that you serve meaningful quality content, presented on an easy to use website half your battle will be won.

The battle for the non-expert is knowing how to obtain the right kind of website (Online Marketing Platform), and knowing which social media platforms and groups they should belong to and how they should connect to them and keep all of the content fresh.

Websites Designed for the Social Web

If your business needs to find new clients and communicate with existing clients then you need a Website which has been engineered to simplify and speed up the connection, communication and conversion process.

Increasingly businesses need an Online Marketing Platform, this is what the Online Marketing Academy is here to provide. We develop Online Marketing Platforms for businesses from the Sole Trader, through SME’s to the Corporates.

Please remember, the network is now the economy:
If you connect well you will merge with the economy and that can only be a good thing!

website Vendor Selection

Hopefully you will agree that to succeed online you will need the best technology and guidance from an experienced development team. We invite you to watch the Website Vendor Selection video before moving on to other pages and certainly before awarding your website development contract.