Bespoke Website Design Projects

Although the Online Marketing Academy has standard packages for web 2.0 website design we also offer a bespoke, corporate website design and development service.

Our bespoke service includes an online business development consultation which is followed by a detailed analysis of your business, the category or niche it operates in and your competitors online activity. This gives us the information we need to help you to supercharge your website with all of the functions, content, SEO and SEM tactics it will need to work it’s way to the top of the search engines.

Bespoke Website Design Project Management

Our Bespoke website design service goal is to develop a website which is unique to your business and, for want of a better word is supercharged by the engineering of a website structure which has been developed with a knowledge of what is needed to beat your best competitors at their own game.

We only have two goals:

  1. Design a website which will visually represent your business as the market leader.
  2. Elevate your website to the No1 Spot on Google !

This process works in two stages:

  1. The website design element
  2. The website SEO and SEM element

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation. SEM = Search Engine Marketing.

Although we can develop a website which is capable of reaching No1 on Google; Dependent on the strength of the competition in your category we will collectively have to carry out lots of hard work to make this happen. There is no magic wand we can wave, a statistical analysis your category will dictate what we need to do to reach the No1 spot on the search engines. The cost of the entire project can only be calculated once the research has been done.

Bespoke Website Design Cost

The cost of our Bespoke Website Development service will be split into several elements. A client could choose any one, or all of the elements. IE: if the client simply needs a high specification website then we can design that as a stand alone project, or if the client wants support with their entire online marketing plan then we can quote for that also.

The investment needed in each element will be determined by the size and complexity of the business, the industry and the competition in the sector.

Project Elements:

  1. Consultation, Analysis and Strategy
  2. Website Architecture and Technology
  3. Bespoke Website Design
  4. Content Management and On-Site SEO
  5. Copy Writing and Digital Media Requirements
  6. Social Media Integration, Mapping and Requirements
  7. Off-Site Search Engine Marketing
  8. Client Training

Please contact Mick Say at the Online Marketing Academy if you would like to discuss bespoke website design projects or other Online Marketing Projects.