Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website DesignIn line with with all things digital Mobile Internet Marketing is developing and growing fast.

Billions of Smart Phones are in the hands of consumers and they are using them to access information and buy services on a massive scale.

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This growth is set to continue so it makes sense to have a mobile website in your organisations marketing mix.

Mobile Website Development

Mobile websites work differently to “normal” websites in many ways but importantly the code needs to be “lighter” to enable fast smart phone loading. Also they should really be on a .mobi domain name because the search engines are now detecting the platforms from which searches are made, so if your technology is right and if you have a .mobi domain extension your Mobile website is likely to rank higher than your competitors.

Mobile Website Business Development

Non of us spend our marketing money lightly and let’s face it we only get involved in digital marketing for one reason and that’s to drive customers to our businesses.

If your business is to stay ahead or get ahead of the Digital Marketing game then you need to deploy a website developed for smart phones. This is now an essential part of the new Digital Marketing Mix.

Mobile Website Blogging

Imagine how powerful it would be if you had the ability to write that short impulse blog whilst you are sat in Starbucks or your having that really creative moment without access to your PC or laptop. More often than not the moment passes and it never comes back.

Well with a mobile website from Mick Say and the Online Marketing Academy you can easily enter the Mobile Website admin area and write away to your hearts content and instantly post a new blog or even website page. It really is easy – but only if you have the right technology.

Mobile Website Technology

Mick Say and the Online Marketing Academy can supply the technology – Contact Us if you would like to learn more.

How much will a Mobile Website Cost?

See our Mobile features and cost page here: Mobile Website Cost.