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Online Business Card

Online Business Cards, a Portal in to Your Online World
A while back I found my self with three client meetings in three different business genre’s. And because I am generally quite an organised dude I carry 4 different business cards for the business genre’s I specialise in. Cool huh?

Na what a Pratt I am. I left home with only one business card in my pants and guess what it was the only one I did NOT need, so I had to make excuses why I could not dish out my business card. UN Professional or what!

Networking Nightmare

Some time later I found myself at a networking event fully prepared with all four business cards in four different pockets, big grin on my face because I was well prepared.

During the event I gave out loads of cards, I even gave some new contacts 4 cards explaining I do all this! And several other people gave me multiple cards in return. Then observing the rest of the room from a balcony I noticed several people doing the same thing.

So it seems a lot of us are wasting a lot of money and trees by printing multiple business cards. Anyway I got fed up with that and now I only carry one business card which directs my contacts to my “online portal” when people visit this portal it directs them to the online resource of interest to them. Now that is cool!

Do You Carry Multiple Business Cards? Like to dump all but one?

If you, like me would like to dump all but one of your business cards why not consider an online portal for your business. Your Online Business Portal can be an extension of your business card and it can be as simple of complex as you want to make it.

Check out my online business card here at If you would like one of your own just shout… 07719 061 835 or contact me above. Prices start as low as £250.00 which includes design, hosting and support. It even includes content management so you don’t need to keep pestering me or blowing your wad.