Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation with Mick Say

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the method which an SEO‘er will use to optimise a website to ensure that the website appears high in the “organic” Search Engine Results Page (SERPS) following a query.

Basically this works just like a person giving a referral to a business they trust: Example if You type “Mick Say” into Google the entire SERP’s page will be filled with websites, news or articles containing information about Mick Say

What happened here is that Google trusts the content on my websites and and therefore Google “refers” my web pages to the searcher. Before I learned about SEO the same Google search returned pages entitled “Jagger Mick – Say You Will Lyrics” How annoyed was I, So thanks to Mick Jagger I dedicated about 5 Years to learn SEO and become more than a little proficient.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is concerned with Organic (free) Search Engine Returns and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is concerned with Paid-For Search Engine Returns and Marketing Methods such as Google AdWords, Pay-per-Click marketing.

I Spent many years and thousands of pounds learning about Search Engine Optimisation and I put this skill to work for my clients in the Online Marketing Academy.

Below is an example of the anatomy of a Google Search Engine Results Page.

Search Engine Optimisation with Mick Say at the Online Marketing Academy

Search Engine Optimisation with Mick Say at the Online Marketing Academy

Today most savvy Internet users know that the top two or three results highlighted in pale yellow at the head of the page and all the results at the right-hand side of the page are “paid-for” listings, and they are also aware that the results in the Organic section are there on merit alone (well nearly). A little help from the SEO!

So the Holy Grail for an SEO is to get their clients website to the No.1 Organic spot in the SERPs. This is a challenging task as all other SEO’s and websites within that genre are trying to achieve the same thing.

Search Engine Optimisation Ready

We deliver all of our websites to our clients with Search Engine Optimisation tools built in and we also offer *free Search Engine Optimisation training to our clients to ensure that they stay SEO compliant as they are adding their own content in the future.

Further we offer a groundbreaking Search Engine Optimisation eBook which describes how to “SEO” a website without the five years of training.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Successful Organic Search Engine Optimisation can save thousands of pounds per-year on Paid-For Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Organisations who feel that they are spending too much money on paid for Search Engine Marketing or feel that their current website is not ranking high enough organically should speak to or contact Mick Say regarding an SEO and website review.