Digital Marketing – Business is a Battle Fought Online

Business is a Battle Being Fought Online

I don't have time to speak to a pesky salesmen !

Business is a Battle Being Fought Online and if your Online Marketing Strategy ain’t up to the fight, your business is going down! No if’s, No But’s, you have to be up-for-the-fight and be prepared to invest in the best weapons to win.

Your marketing armoury:
#1. Web 2.0 Website
#2. Great Content
#3. SEO and Search Compliant
#4. Social Media Strategy
#5. Compliment of Digital Resources
#6. Growing Social Network

(Mick is mixing his metaphores again. Sorry!)

It’s Not Logical Captain

When so much is at stake it is illogical to guess, take pot luck or invest in free of cheap resources.

Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock won all of their galactic battles because they had the best spaceship, best weapons and the best minds, a winning combination I am sure you will agree. Whilst Kirk and Spock were in the thick of the battle Scottie was the unsung hero forever saving the day by making the Starship Enterprise go, where no one had gone before.

Galactic Online Arms Dealers

Would you buy a new disrupter form a space cowboy, or worse a Cardassian? No of course not..
So why then do many of you invest in online technology from people or businesses you do not know or have not thoroughly vetted? Kirk would not be pleased if Scottie threatened the life of his crew with reckless inventory management.

In medieval times when I was a lad, the winners used to take the time speak to sales people and vet them by asking for and following up on references from from happy clients. But it seems in these technology advanced times we rely on written testimonials and the promises made on the pages of a website.

Most Online Marketing Academy clients come to us when they have failed to make an impact with their website, blog or online store. Often this is because they have invested in Cardassian technology which looks great but is not up to the fight…

So the moral of today’s story is – when contemplating how you are going to take your business to the next level do your research online and then pick up the phone and talk to the people who you are considering to make your new website or provide your digital marketing resources, ask for references and follow them up.

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About Mick Say

Mick Say is an Online Business Development and Online Marketing Consultant. Mick's goal is to help businesses to develop meaningful On-line Marketing Strategies via Websites designed to inform and sell.


  1. Great article Mick, and I fully subscribe to calling and talking directly to the person…there is nothing like the personal touch and a voice to communicate effectively with a potential new customer.

    • Hi Jackie

      Maybe I am old school or even old fashioned but I still prefer to meet if at all possible and when it’s not skype of face-time is the next best thing. But as you rightly say there is nothing like the personal touch to engender confidence from one person to the next..

      Speak soon and thank you very much for your comment – Mick